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  1. dsears71

    Late hunt unit 8

    Well got home late last night.we didn’t tag out but I had lots of fun with all my girls. We hunted hard in a tough unit. Lots of snow and memories were made and lots of new friends like Bob and Joe who came out to helped glass. We came across 8 bulls 7 on the last day. Just couldn’t get close enough to close the deal. We got with in 800 yards of a monster 7x8 on the last day just couldn’t make it happen. One thing I can say is that my girls hunt as hard as anyone and they will have the knowledge to carry on a legacy and show there kids what I have show them. I truly love my girls and they make me a proud father and husband Thanks to all of you guys that lend a hand and gave advise. Hope to see you all next year.
  2. dsears71

    Late hunt unit 8

    She been hitting hard no luck but lots of snow. Very little movement I don’t know
  3. dsears71

    Late archery success

    Nice job!DIY I like it
  4. dsears71

    Late hunt unit 8

    Bring some warm gear daughter goes to NAU said they had snow yesterday
  5. dsears71

    Late hunt unit 8

    When i scouting I found them to still be high hoping the weather will push the down
  6. dsears71

    Muzzy Bull

    Nice congrats
  7. dsears71

    Payson area thieves never disapoint...

    That sucks! I agree should put a camera somewhere else and you can get a pic of the and the put on blast in Facebook
  8. dsears71

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    South of stoman lake around the canyons seen a lot down there.
  9. dsears71

    Late hunt unit 8

    They are scattered for sure. Seen a nice bull but he is hanging out on private property so he’s out. I am not that kind of hunter also need to set the example for my kid. Did some glassing in the lower half but some of this canyons aren’t accessible holy crap they are something
  10. dsears71

    Big Bull Rutting

    That’s is cool just showed the grandson he was mesmerized .
  11. dsears71

    Late hunt unit 8

    My daughter drew a late rifle unit 8 never hunted up there but have scouted 3 times now 5 hour drive each time. Seen a few bulls from the transition to the high country up by Bill willams. Anybody have advise on we’re i get some good glassing done. It’s her first bull hunt and the baby in the family. Thanks y’all for any help.
  12. dsears71

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Nice bull like the whale tails
  13. dsears71


  14. dsears71

    Daughters First Bull

    thank you and they sure are hard but she put the time in and she was rewarded dad help a little
  15. dsears71

    Daughters First Bull

    I like that. She did the right thing I don’t know if I would react the same way when I was her age. She is a remarkable young lady.