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  1. Havasuhunter

    Scaled quail in southeast AZ for Havasu stripers, Bass, etc

    I’m back in Havasu now so my scaled quail chasing is over for the year. I’ll be focusing on stripers, duck, Gambels and maybe some rabbits out here the rest of the year.
  2. Havasuhunter

    Steel on Quail

    Modified mostly. Improved cylinder sometimes since steel generally patterns very tight do to the hardness and the fact they are fully encased in harder plastic wads.
  3. Havasuhunter

    Scaled quail in southeast AZ for Havasu stripers, Bass, etc

    Several people have told me it’s common behavior out here to hunt before the season starts. Really pisses me off for sure. I’m getting plenty of Gambels quail by getting into harder to access spots and walking a lot. I’ll try again on the weekend for scalies. I’ve also shot a few cottontails with the 22 PCP air rifle which is great. Head shots so zero meat waste. Used it on squirrels last gear. I’ll never use a shotgun or rimfire on small game like that again. Dead silent, dead accurate. I’ll shoot some quail with it someday too but I prefer the shotgun for those.
  4. Havasuhunter

    Scaled quail in southeast AZ for Havasu stripers, Bass, etc

    Covered many miles on foot and in the truck. Finally found a few scaled quail but they are very scarce. I missed twice on what should have been reasonably easy shots. I think I was mesmerized that I finally found some. Gambels are plentiful in most Gambels habitat within a few miles of water. It does seem there’s a few people around that don’t like to actually wait for quail season to open as I found signs of harvested birds prior to opening day in a few scouted locations. Disgusting behavior and that sure doesn’t help either species during lean times.
  5. Havasuhunter

    WAR in Kentucky!

    Dead on!
  6. Havasuhunter

    WAR in Kentucky!

    No. Most republicans are not non interventionists. They want perpetual war and US foreign involvement so the profit machine of the military industrial complex can keep paying out for them. It’s a major problem for the Republican Party.
  7. Havasuhunter

    WAR in Kentucky!

    You do realize the point of this post is the media is claiming that’s Syria and it’s a machine gun show in Kentucky right? The media does this sort of thing daily and the weak minds lap it up as truth and fact.
  8. Havasuhunter

    WAR in Kentucky!

    Exactly! Amazing he’s doing as well as he is weird nonstop negative propaganda from so called news agencies.
  9. Havasuhunter

    Scaled quail in southeast AZ for Havasu stripers, Bass, etc

    Thanks for the info. I’m a voice and data contractor. I work on networks throughout AZ and CA. if you ever get out to havasu, especially in winter, I can put you on stripers very easily. Louisiana sounds awesome right now. I’ve caught reds and specs in FL. Redfish fight a lot like a striper. Very strong fish.
  10. Havasuhunter

    To early to tell on quail?

    The roadrunners clean out the wash by my house a lot too. They are amazing efficient predators.
  11. Havasuhunter

    Steel on Quail

    I use Kent upland fast steel #6 when I’m CA or refuges and its great for quail. Works fine on Teal over small ponds too
  12. Havasuhunter


    Yes. I hunt on Havasu and the Havasu NWR at least once a week in winter. Been decent the last few years with limits on days with wind and weather.
  13. I’m currently working in Safford and would like to get on some scaled quail over the next few weeks once the season opens. Gambels are good too but would like to check scalies off my list. If anyone can help me out, preferably someone with dogs, I’d be willing to take you out on a half to full day fishing trip on Havasu in trade. I run a really beautiful Skeeter ZX2250 bay boat and have all top end tackle. We catch quality stripers and smallmouth much of the year or I can put you on the giant redear. We don’t do the anchovy thing either. I fish either live bait or 95% of the time we are fishing artificial. Topwater, big glide baits, saltwater stick baits, flies etc. 20 stripers per person on artificial is common when weather cooperates. Most are around the 3lb average with many double digit fish in fall and winter to spice things up.
  14. Havasuhunter

    Firearms for Sale

    That marlin is beautiful. Interested in any trades? I have a Ruger stainless 357 mag black hawk Id be interested in trading.
  15. Havasuhunter


    Killed my first deer with the old green Kodiak. Nice bows. Free bump