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  1. Havasuhunter

    Firearms for Sale

    That marlin is beautiful. Interested in any trades? I have a Ruger stainless 357 mag black hawk Id be interested in trading.
  2. Havasuhunter


    Killed my first deer with the old green Kodiak. Nice bows. Free bump
  3. Havasuhunter

    Minox 15x56 BL $525.00 price drop

    I have a pair and they are excellent glass.
  4. Havasuhunter

    Recurve advice

    I also have a classic recurve for sale right now. Its a 1960s Damon Howatt super Diablo. Not a great beginners bow, but hunting with old bows is kind of cool if you can master them.
  5. Havasuhunter

    Recurve advice

    3riversarchery.com Get a take down so you can swap out limbs. I have a 45# Samick Sage that shoots awesome. Very cheap entry level recurve that shoots great. I use it for targets and small game. I still use a compound for big game.
  6. Havasuhunter

    Friends first Javelina

    Helped him get to 97 yards on this one where he made a perfect shot with his grandpas 30-30.
  7. Havasuhunter

    'Stink Pigs'

    The Collared Peccary I killed this year did not taste terrible. Lot of people need to learn to clean and cook wild game properly. Possibly the same people that leave a bunch of fish on a stringer in AZ when the water is 85 degrees and then say fish taste bad.
  8. Trying to fund a New Waterfowl gun and PCP air rifle. Have several items for sake that Id like to sell or trade. Call or message with any questions 1. TC G2 Contender 23 carbine 375 JDJ barrel Walnut rifle butt stock Walnut pistol grip Two rifle fore ends. One is is a custom laminated 1 pistol fore-end Limbsaver recoil pad Alpen Apex 3-9 power. Scope may need to be warranted, doesnt seem to hold zero Heavy duty 3 ring TC base. RCBS die set with shell holder About 50 unformed 444 Marlin brass. Die easily form it to 375 JDJ without any problems 60 rounds of assorted loaded ammo $750 takes all . Interested in possible trades for shotguns, 7 mag, PCP air rifle. Contact Brian @951-907-8906 2. Ruger stainless Blackhawk 6.5 barrel 357 magnum with nice leather hunter Holster. $550 3. 1960s Damon Howatt Super Diablo recurve bow. 55# at 28, second owner, previously owned by Artist Charles Fritz of MT. $450 OBO interested in possible trades for shotguns Contact Brian @951-907-8906 4. 100 count 243 brass and 250 count 223 brass Make offer. Contact Brian 951-907-8906 5. Rifle stocks A. Remington 700 Long action walnut BDL stock $75 OBO B. Hardwood sporterized stock for small ring Mauser $25 OBO
  9. Havasuhunter

    18A Archery Success

    Had a tough 18A deer hunt but it allowed me to locate several Javelina herds. I missed one my first day out at 40 yards but went back a few days later and doubled with my friend Gerald. Been enjoying the Chorizo the last several weeks.
  10. Havasuhunter

    1 year results

    PRd my back squat at 245lbs and deadlift at 315x2 this week. Seems like every week I'm still getting stronger and leaner. Just need a Sheep tag now!
  11. Havasuhunter

    1 year results

    That's great results!Paleo works Great for me. I don't always stay Paleo, but 75-80%. Just have to see what works for you, everyone is different. As hunters I find it pretty funny guys would argue with a Paleo diet. Veggies from the garden, minus corn of course, meat you've shot or caught. Maybe eggs from chicken you raised? Nuts and berries you gathered. Sounds like an extreme crazy diet that no hunter, rancher or even farmer ever ate? LOL
  12. Havasuhunter

    1 year results

    I probably spend the same on food as before. Just make smarter choices. Spend a lot less on alcohol though since you tend to cut back automatically since it sabotages your workouts.
  13. Havasuhunter

    1 year results

    Definitely makes it more enjoyable being fit. I'd recommend anyone that has a passion for hunting work on their fitness. Night and day for me.
  14. Havasuhunter

    1 year results

    Calipers or find someone who can tell you based on a picture. The electronic bs you hold in your hand isn't accurate. It's still a great baseline though as long as you're consistent. You have to do it pre workout, same time of the day, make sure your hands are dry, etc. Measurements, calipers, electronic method are all relative. The key is to improve. Im more concerned with all my lifting PRs and overall fitness now. The elk on the ridge 3 miles away doesn't care about your body fat percentage.
  15. Havasuhunter

    Waterfowl Gun for next year

    Spray paint or dip the BPS. Absolutely no need for a new gun. If you're comfortable with a BPS then keep shooting it. Don't fall for the 3.5" hype. I waterfowl hunt 50-70 days a year and haven't shot a 3.5" shell since the day they came out. I've actually switched to 2 3/4" for most of my waterfowl needs. Smaller shot is key. I shoot steel 6's and 7's for most duck hunting and 3's and 4's for snows, honkers and cranes. Speed is king. Get a good fast steel load that patterns well ina 2 3/4 or 3 " and spray paint the BPS if it makes you feel better. If you truly just want a new gun cuz you want a new gun then make sure you shoot a couple before you buy. They are all very reliable these days (except Turkish shiite and Browning's) but they all point very differently so make sure you find one that fits. I want t to have 2 12 gauges anyway so I have a backup. I won't buy a 3.5", I have no reason for it. Nothing you can't kill with 3" shells. Matter a fact, I think I have some 3.5" turkey loads sitting around I need to trade or sell. If I buy a 3.5" chambered gun it will be because I found a deal or just felt right.