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  1. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Wait till the anti's see this

    I'm glad I saw this thread. Ethics aside, that's personal, my question - is the bobber thing legal in AZ? I was discussing this recently with a buddy. We were thinking little balloons instead of bobbers though.
  2. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Help Minnesota Hunter - Lost Rifle Unit 10

    *UPDATE* Rifle was found earlier this afternoon. Glad this was resolved quickly for a non-resident hunter.
  3. Its opening morning for the last elk hunt this year. I met up with a hunter from Minnesota this morning who had some misfortune. His rifle fell off of his UTV. This was unit 10 on FS Road 6 just north of the tracks. Its a Remington 7400 auto in 30-06. It was in a scheels hard case and was scoped (brand unknown). Please help this guy out if any CWT members have a lead. DM me for his contact info. -Patrick
  4. U.T.A.H. Camp

    F New Mexico

    Enchanted Trash. Quite the attitude I've noticed from our neighbors to the east. I guess there's assholes everywhere. Is it possible that the mask thing is being used as an excuse to be shitty human?
  5. I'd think the cost of the trip to Home Depot and Michael's negates any savings on decoys. I would personally rather have a couple nice decoys instead of a craft project. I understand the DIY tactic. That sort of plan does not always end up on the cheap though.
  6. Arizona Mountain Inn seems pretty awesome...to bad its in Flagstaff instead of Williams.
  7. I found this unlucky guy caught in the thorny bramble of a mesquite tree. I was wondering what the CWT community thought on bird (owl) feathers and other interesting parts - does anyone know the laws regarding possession of such things?
  8. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Unit 36A help

    possibly a time machine?
  9. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vacation done.

    Its always a shame when old buildings are torn down to be replaced with, well - crap. Criminal if you ask me.
  10. U.T.A.H. Camp

    How do you “close” a mountain? - Unit 33

    I was hoping that 33 might stay open a little longer for black bear. Nope...female harvest has already been met. Obviously someones hittin' the mountain already.
  11. At least unit 10 doesn't have caution tape wrapped around it. Stage 1 or 2 restrictions- this is the rule regarding fire: "Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, charcoal, coal, or wood stove other than in a developed campsite or picnic area is prohibited. Exemptions include persons using a device solely fueled by liquid petroleum or LPG fuels that can be turned on and off." Sounds like all you need is a "developed" campsite. That and cooperative weather (i.e. - no wind). The fancy propane campfire thing seems great too. Fire restrictions vs Fire Closure... its a no brainier that I'd try'n hunt this tag! You got 2 weeks...make sure to update with your decision.
  12. U.T.A.H. Camp

    How do you “close” a mountain? - Unit 33

    I saw this yesterday as well. I read it to say that portions of certain closed trails are open when they exit the closed burn area. I just posted on another thread pictures of the order that they posted on the closed areas. It shows the areas that are open vs. what is closed.
  13. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Unit 33 fire closure info

    This is from Sunday, right off the stupid barricade.
  14. U.T.A.H. Camp

    How do you “close” a mountain? - Unit 33

    BowNut – I have been on the fence about this. I gave myself until Oct 1st to decide. Leaning toward keeping it and figuring it out. Bonecollector, GreyGhost, Roosevelt Mark & Outdoor Writer – Thank you for this. Obviously I was incorrect. Point-guard is definitely worth the few extra bucks. bigorange, CouesFanatic – Unit 33 tags seem to be relatively easy to draw. Of course the mountain should be open. ThomC – I don’t know about blackface for camo, but clown masks are necessary when dealing with Forrest Circus…lol. Lancetkenyon – Spot on play-by-play analysis. Remember that adults were paid to put this caution tape in these burned areas. CraigK, bigbuckclub – No way am I going to risk dealing with a ticket or fine. There’s up to a $5,000 at their discretion. I was still seeing these big white “Federal Police” trucks up there hiding out. I’d also like to see what remains of a few cameras and blinds. 25-06 – The monument is why I’ve never really hunted south of Redington or the Rincon Mountains at all…I prefer the pines and high country I guess. A big thank you to everyone for their replies. Good luck this fall… 20200815_061334.mp4