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  1. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Seeing empty bread racks at the grocery is one thing, seeing ammo shelves being cleared out at sportsmen's warehouse is a little scarier to me.
  2. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Day trip / over nighters ideas

    https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/arizona/hualapai-route-6-to-the-colorado-river Drive to the river. Most people don't know about this.
  3. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Effects of the virus scare?

    This project is not possible for the $10 price tag listed.
  4. U.T.A.H. Camp

    And so it begins...

    I don't want your secret spot, just the coordinates to all of your hit-list buck elk.
  5. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Coues Mount - Habitat Ideas

    Manzanita... I guessing there is not too much of that in MT?
  6. I just got my very own holy chit! Must have gotten hit yesterday. $135... probably a cow tag for my son. Someones hunting!
  7. U.T.A.H. Camp

    MeatEater podcast - Jim Heffelfinger

  8. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Help from NC

    Coverage is definitely hit and miss. The Summerhaven coverage is better now than it ever has been. In all likelihood, I'd expect no coverage depending on where you are hunting. Unless you're really close to Tucson or Oracle Road.
  9. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    So far the only positive id has been of the fanny-pack which remains in evidence through trial. Im not expecting anything significant to be returned. Just feels good knowing that there was some sort of...um - er... justice.
  10. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    *UPDATE* - ARREST MADE Sheriff detective called yesterday to let me know that an arrest was made regarding my case. With serial numbers on several electronic items that were stolen, the break actually came because of a fanny-pack. I don't own alot of high end gear, but I did have a nice "specialty" fanny-pack. Not Nike or Adidas but a quality piece of gear from reputable backcountry equipment company. Crackheads dont sport sh*t like that...busted! They said that he was a career burglar, and he's headed to prison not jail. I'll update again with any other details. -Patrick
  11. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    Trphyhntr, I would hope that it wasn't the same guy. That's a large area to cover. I haven't hunted that area since I was in high school. Was and probably still is a great area for quail. Thom, you forgot f'n Jersey. We've been getting unsavory transplants from these places for years. heck, Guiseppe Carlo Bonanno aka "Crazy" Joe retired here in the sixties. Suce a drastic change from that era, makes me think of the movie 'No Country for Old Men' CatfishKev, I remember watching this exact episode when it first aired. They cut a bone chilling scene where one of the detectives told the mother of the 16 year old suspect that she doesn't joke about homicide investigations. There are some other crazy ones from Tucson. -Not ready at this time to address pb & terriers...sounds like terrier-ism. Prdatr, of course we've seen it. That's one way to clean up the streets. I never saw the early Dirty Harry flicks except for renting them at Casa Video.
  12. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    Thanks to all for condolences and thoughts from everyone. Redman, I appreciate the input. Unfortunately, I would bet that this is Tucson, born & bred thuggery. There are bad elements everywhere. Prdatr, It doesn't surprise me that this would happen with some prevalence around the valley. When out in places like unit 9 or 10 I'm always shocked to see in tact stop signs and such. When you go to places on the outskirts of our big cities these sort of signs, really anything along some roads, are shot to heck - riddled with bullet holes.
  13. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    I'm glad I didn't see it happening, probably would have been a longer day following the 3xS plan. Why does vigilantism sound so appealing?
  14. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    Broke the passenger window.
  15. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Vehicle Break-In - Unit 33 on Catalina Hwy.

    Catfish, definitely no stickers here. I basically have the same sentiment. I've never felt the need to announce anything via sticker. Not on a vehicle at least. I never activated the find-me option. Didn't use it much, only really as a road trip computer. Muley33, it's too depressing. Quite frankly embarrassing. As usual when something like this happens, it's not the monetary value that stings. I've been checking craigslist and offer-up.