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  1. JTB

    Getting into Reloading

    I know you only asked about a press but I will list the equipment that has helped me load for great accuracy. Forster Co-Ax press (very easy to switch dies and allows the die and case to accurately align during the sizing process). Redding full length bushing dies (selecting the right bushing size will help achieve consistent neck tension). I use hornady seating dies most of the time because I like the alignment sleeve they have. Good balance beam powder scale and powder trickler. I use the RCBS chargemaster to get close and a balance beam scale to dial it in. Imperial sizing die wax. Dry neck lube/application media (makes seating very smooth and helps avoid scaring). Case trimmer (I like the RCBS trim pro 3-way cutters as they deburr as they trim; when they are dialed-in they work well and save a lot of time). I keep my brass just under or at max length as trimming is very minimal. Neck turning tool (I lightly turn my new brass to assure they are consistent for use with the bushing die but not a deal breaker if not turned when using quality brass (Lapua, ADG, Peterson, etc). I use the precision hardcore gear aluminum funnels as they do away with any powder bridging and stay in place if needing to tap down full powder charges. Vibratory tumbler with walnut hull media (if media is untreated you will want to add a polishing agent to it). I have other case cleaning systems but the vibratory tumbler is my go-to. I like to use a handheld primer pocket trimmer to clean primer pockets. The Frankford hand primer tool is a nice piece of equipment to have but the press will also work well for seating primers. Reloading/shooting has been one of my favorite hobbies for almost 45 years and has been a great journey. Enjoy
  2. One of the reasons I brought this up is that I wore my prizm trail tint (purple/amber) Oakleys on a motorcycle ride across a couple of states a while back and seemed able to spot game much easier (even when deer were on a brown background). I haven’t had a chance to glass with this new tint yet but will take my binos out one of these evenings and see how they do. White targets really pop. I looked around on a couple of hunting sites but didn’t find much on this subject. Since coues are what I normally hunt I thought I would post it here and see what you thought. I follow coueswhitetail quite often but seldom post. Just not enough time
  3. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best color tint on glasses to help highlight the gray/white coues colors against a pale green/light brown background? PRS has reinforced for me the advantage gained by selecting the appropriate color tint for target acquisition and just wondering if anyone has found a tint color best for acquiring coues deer. Is there a specific brand that offers specific features that should be considered for shooting/hunting? Mainly interested when used for glassing and through a rifle scope. For reference I have been using the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Prism Trail tint. I know some people can simply see deer better than others. My daughter sees them like they are florescent (very irritating) and tint may hold her back but most of us could use a little help.
  4. Just finished up a 25 CM for hunting this season, if I can get a tag. I also shoot PRS with a 25 CM so I have quite a bit of loading experience with it. My niece took a muley last year with a 25 PRC I built and the 131 performed really well. I am using RL26 for the 25 CM. The one pictured has a 23” 1:7 barrel, 8 lbs 6oz as it sits and settled in at 3000 fps with 46gr. This particular load has the same POI whether using a suppressor or not. I am just interested if there have been any failures with the 131 Blackjack from those of you with more experience? Do you do anything to the ogive to assure they expand effectively? Any penciling or failures from shoulder hits?