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  1. HowardfamAZ

    ISO Southeast Valley Mechanic to Install Leveling Kit

    Check out The Rustic Wrench. They've serviced my F250 a bunch and take great care and have good prices. Honest dudes. When I need tires next, they'll do my lift/level. https://therusticwrench.com/
  2. HowardfamAZ

    WTB Youth 20 Guage

    Looking to buy a youth 20 gauge, preferably a Remington 1100 series. TIA.
  3. HowardfamAZ

    Coues whitetail cape

    Congrats on the buck. David at Deadhead Taxidermy has a couple capes and is an amazing artist. Hit him up at david@deadheadtaxidermy.com or 480-313-1022.
  4. HowardfamAZ

    Looking to buy a Coues Deer Cape

    Right on. $100-$200 is the going rate for a green coues hide. Your taxi is treating you right. If you ever need a back-up, keep Deadhead in mind.
  5. HowardfamAZ

    Looking to buy a Coues Deer Cape

    Got a taxidermist for this work? Deadhead Taxidermy is run by Dave Lorig and he does great work. He has extra capes as well. david@deadheadtaxidermy.com.
  6. HowardfamAZ

    Remington 870 Express 20 gauge $275.00

    What finish/wood is on the 20 gauge?
  7. HowardfamAZ

    Carson tandem-axle trailer

    How long is the trailer deck without the ramp?
  8. I live in Gilbert and have a scope that is SUPER dirty after a long hunt. I don't want to go at cleaning it because I frankly don't know what I'm doing and don't want to damage anything. Does anyone know of a company in the East Valley that I can take my scope to to have it completely cleaned and refreshed? Thanks in advance.