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  1. Tron78

    Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak 12X20 Tent

    Still available
  2. Tron78

    Tent, stove and generator

    Still for sale
  3. Tron78


    Located in Prescott valley az can ship no full firearms yet waiting on FFL stocks barrels and parts can do
  4. Tron78


    Hydrographics can dip just about anything deer,elk,or whatever skulls rifles handgun 1000s of patterens all professional equipment give me a call 928-533-8356 Liquid tactical name is Nathan
  5. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    Just remember water temp is crucial and activator must be even and dip angle
  6. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    Anybody wants some dipping done up and running just about any pattern you want call 928-533-8356 or shoot me a message cerakote is still on hold waiting on my oven parts
  7. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    It's funny alot of customers see it and ask what it means
  8. Tron78

    A few pics

    Both of them ain't bad
  9. Tron78

    Rifle Engraving

    Also lasers edge in prescott valley does awesome work
  10. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    Sorry busy yes I do and freezer got it too that ones been there for awhile
  11. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    Logo or your own camo something would be awesome
  12. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    Lol coues need to come up with their own graphic can put on some stocks
  13. Tron78

    Hydrographics tank

    Representing on my dip tank
  14. Tron78


    Ar rifle is 220.kuiu yes and first lite will check on any questions please call 928 533 8356