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    I like living in a small town, the kindness and generosity of the people there. Surrounded by amazing beauty.

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  1. JLG

    H1000 trade

    I guarantee that as fall hunts get closer and someone has a need for this hard to acquire powder and have their Clinton, Obama, prepandemic Biden stash of 30 dollar a K SRP primers that this powder for primer trade will make all the sense in the world too them. Some folks have seen this in the past and didnt want to be caught flat footed going forward. This trade will happen.
  2. JLG

    Varget Trade for 1K SPP or 1K SRP

    Heading down to the Valley Tuesday, will be in Queen Creek and than over to Sun City West. Spend the night and head back up the Hill Wednesday, can run thru Camp Verde if needed.
  3. JLG

    3-12 gauge flats of 8 shot, trade

    Bowhunter-tw we have a trade in the works..
  4. JLG

    Want to buy 22 Hornet Ammo and Brass

    He may even have new brass too.
  5. JLG

    Want to buy 22 Hornet Ammo and Brass

    My LGS has one box of 22 Hornet, if interested I can check on the price.
  6. I have a ton of 20 gauge. All real old stuff. Think some 4 and 7 1/2, know lots of 6. Have any interest in that?

    1. JLG


      Sure, do you have pictures of the stuff?  You can text me pictures at 6023178084. Where roughly are you located? 

    2. GreatWhiteBuffalo


      I am in for 6shot

      let me know what you a have.

  7. Have 3 12 gauge 8 shot flats, 300 rounds total, want to trade for same amount of 20 gauge, prefer 7.5 shot. In the Valley now, will be here until tomorrow. Live in Payson. Please message with trade offer, Thank you.
  8. Have 1 pound of Varget. Will trade for 1K Small Pistol Primers or 1K Small Rifle Primers on a 1K per pound basis. In the Valley until this evening, live in Payson, down here alot. Message me if interested.
  9. JLG

    Traded off, Thanks...

    All gone, thanks for the trade
  10. JLG

    Traded off, Thanks...

    Federal please Scout. Will be down in the Valley today and the next couple I think. You can reach be at 6023178084
  11. JLG

    Traded off, Thanks...

    Still have this.....last one....
  12. JLG

    Traded off, Thanks...

    Sent you a PM Azscout, Thank you.
  13. JLG

    Traded off, Thanks...

    Bump, will be in the Valley Monday and Tuesday