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  1. With cow elk season starting tomorrow one processor in Payson is taking this year off. Round Valley is working hard to meet their customers needs. If by chance they run short of room and you use them and they can't clear space before you head down the Hill, I can store your quartered elk in my meat fridge and take it in for you once they have room again saving you time. Once again texting is best 602 317 8084. There will not be an additional charge for this.
  2. I am still offering this, the fridge is currently empty, in Star Valley.
  3. Just and FYI I helped skin a bull today and it was freaking hot. Be prepared to get your meat cooled down..time is critical in weather like we are having in my neck of the woods. Bull didnt end up in my fridge😁😉, it's open.
  4. Bump this to the top for early rifle bull, starting Friday.
  5. I live in Star Valley, units 22S and 22N border me, but not far from 23 or 4a either. So I have this fridge that I use to store my elk and deer in until I can get to butchering them. That said its empty now and pretty warm out. Early rifle bull starts Friday. If you find yourself in a situation were you tag out early and have more tags in camp and arent going to use a local processor and want your meat stored just above freezing hit me up. I will do it for $25 a day and cap it at a max of a 100. So if you kill Friday and are planning to stay in camp with your buddy until next friday than its just a 100. I only have room for one elk. It will also need to be quartered and in game bags. Texting me is best and we can go from there. 6023178084.
  6. JLG


    My RUM needs some love😊
  7. JLG


    Have two pounds of pure gold...according to my friend. Trade only. I am looking for 338 RUM brass once-fired or never fired. I also want Remington brass too. Please message me with possible trade. Live in Payson but find my self in the Valley more than I care to be😊
  8. JLG

    Firewood 22 North 22 South 23 North

    So convient for guys camping off the control road right off the 260 outside of Tonto Village. Guys could come by and load up their side by sides. So text for contact info and location? This weekend is going to be cold and wet...access to dry firewood priceless.
  9. Have a friend from Australia, that has the B coues deer tag for Nov 17th thru the 25th... I am indeed shamelessly E Scounting... anyone willing to share some starting points/areas would be greatly appreciated... I am a fulltime resident of Payson and we do well on filling elk tags in 22.... so that said, I would be willing to share starting points in 22 for any feedback you have for unit B, Thank you...
  10. Bump this back around to get you guys thinking about it for payday
  11. Thanks IA...in a case of irony, my wife's maiden name was Born and I have a nephew in Flagstaff, with the same last name as well...
  12. Win71, honestly I am a huge WW2 buff, so I know alot about the war and the time frames from beginning to end... so your answer was uncalled for, you don't know me and you don't now what I know about our countries past or my deep and abiding love for that generation and their tenacity and sacrafice... IA Born's answered my question, it was personal in nature for him, the same reason I acquired the Garand in the first place, the hours, days and weeks I have spent watching WW2 movies and documentaries are endless... I really am the wrong guy to be giving a history lesson too in this case... sometimes thinking first and checking yourself before commenting is the best course of action... IA Born thank you for responding to my question...
  13. What makes a 42 Springfield special, Thanks....