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  1. couesfreak23

    Giants vs Cardinals ticketss

    Two tickets for sale section 127 row 28 seats 13&14. Plus yellow parking pass. Everything for $400
  2. couesfreak23

    Swarovski 10x42 slc hds

    Dm sent10x42 swarovski
  3. Used on one hunt has light scratches on body armor can be seen in pictures. Glass is in perfect condition and will come with original box and accessories inside. $675 shipped tyd or 650 pick up local in tucson.
  4. couesfreak23

    Selling Swarovski 15x56 HD Binoculars

    Next if sale falls thru
  5. couesfreak23

    Swarovski 20-60x65

    Pm sent
  6. couesfreak23

    Kimber 6.5 cm for sale

    How much for just rifle
  7. couesfreak23

    4 youth tags 36B Help

    Yes they do but going with alot family so ruled out the youth camp but that is a great thing Sci does for hunting community
  8. couesfreak23

    4 youth tags 36B Help

    Hi fellow hunters, looks like my son and brothers got lucky and pick up some tags. This going to be there first year hunting for themselves. I've been to the unit during January chasing rutting bucks myself. Looking for any info that could help me make this a successful hunt for all four of them. I know they have a junior camp for this hunt might be an option but looking for areas to explore that could hold a lot of deer to increase our chances. TIA for anyone willing to share any information and if you want pm me ill keep all info to myself. Happy hunting ladies and gents
  9. couesfreak23

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Thanks for sharing your story and all the photos and videos you post here and on youtube.
  10. couesfreak23

    Bowtech carbon icon

  11. couesfreak23

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC HD

    very interested could you message me, i tried to message you but Im guessing your inbox is full since its not letting me
  12. couesfreak23

    What binoculars to buy

    I ended up with the 15x56 Swarovski