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  1. couesfreak23

    Sitka Jetstream Jacket

    Is this still available
  2. couesfreak23

    Good year wrangled sra 275 60 20.

    Pm sent
  3. couesfreak23

    Kuiu bino harness, 2 Sitka LS shirts

    What size are sitka shirts
  4. couesfreak23

    Garmin GPSmap 64

    Does it have any maps besides standard maps it comes pre loaded with
  5. couesfreak23

    WTS 2014 Ram 1500 Running Boards

    I'll take em
  6. couesfreak23

    WTS 2014 Ram 1500 Running Boards

    Pm sent
  7. couesfreak23

    WIN A MEXICO COUES DEER HUNT !!!!! Winner posted....

    How can you tell how many left
  8. couesfreak23

    Kuiu For Sale

    Pm sent
  9. couesfreak23

    Javalina Ham hunt

    Ok thanks ND that's nice kill shot how do javalina calls work around ham hunt time
  10. couesfreak23

    Javalina Ham hunt

    What brand are xtp
  11. couesfreak23

    Javalina Ham hunt

    Using 45 caliber. What design of bullets work best or as long as it's holow point
  12. couesfreak23

    Javalina Ham hunt

    What kind of bullet is most often use well hunting with a handgun
  13. couesfreak23

    WTT: Compact Tripod for Med/Large Tripod

    How heavy is tripod
  14. couesfreak23

    Kuiu attire

    Pm sent