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  1. 6AYoteHunter


    Have shot coyotes with the 17 gr vmax and 20 gr xtp. Both work. Furthest kill was a headshot at 240 yards with the xtp. Have a 24" barrel though so get a little extra velocity. Not an ideal caliber for coyotes. Think they are great for foxes or longer distance headshots on rabbits.
  2. 6AYoteHunter

    Are the snakes stil out?

    Saw a 18" diamondback 2 days ago at 4000 ft in central AZ at 10 am. Guy in the other lane got it. Have seen them a few times during late rifle bull hunts in 6A on the black lava rock around 3 in the afternoon.
  3. 6AYoteHunter

    19B Deer tag

    That's a great mule deer unit. Have seen nice non-typical bucks all over that unit. I cannot recall a single predator hunting trip where I didn't see bucks. Have a friend who's wife got a 4x7 out of that unit. Hiked in about 2 miles. 8 bucks at first light. Her buck was second largest in herd. Quick hunt. He almost got trampled by a 5x5 elk on the packout. Scouting is key. Tons and tons of private land, but that pumps out tons of old bucks like crazy into the public land. Way more big mule deer in that unit vs 23. Just lots of access issues though.
  4. 6AYoteHunter

    Bed in a box beds?

    I am very impressed with my GhostBed Luxe. Was having terrible shoulder pain for over a year and thought I had torn my rotator cuff. Got the new bed and within a few weeks shoulder was fine.
  5. 6AYoteHunter

    12B guide

    12B late has some crazy wide bucks. Will be a great hunt.
  6. 6AYoteHunter

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Basically if you draw a line from Maxwell park to Stoneman lake. Tried locating at all the spots I find birds along those areas. Normally it's super easy to locate something to chase in the AM. My Dad tried locating all over the south end of unit without any luck. Common for me to find 3 or 4 roost spots in an hour. Tricky part for me is getting them that last 20 yards for a shot or another bird getting in the way. Only heard 2 owls last night. Normally hear tons of them. Opening day I honestly thought it was going to be in the top 3 general seasons (was like how the opener is for youth season on good years). Birds extremely vocal in AM. Had 7 different toms within 100 yards over an hour long setup. Got one to come in close but hen was like right there, so no clear shot. Tried locating where that flock went to roost and surprisingly couldn't. Saw them a few times midday without luck. They never saw me, glassed them up. From Friday AM to this AM was literally like exact opposite hunts. Texted a few buddies and they are saying the same thing. Something strange since Saturday. Hopefully it picks back up soon.
  7. 6AYoteHunter

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Opening day called in a large group all henned up in 6A. Saturday found some hens being chased by a very thin coyote. Yesterday found a tom. It was having difficulty gobbling which was odd. Sounded sick. Wouldn't come into call. Later found some hens looking for place to lay eggs. Friend sent me a picture of a hen just laying on Fossil Creek road. Took awhile for it to move. Spent 4 hours last night and an hour this AM trying to locate birds. Noticed almost no owls and had zero gobbles. In the last 20 years hunting 6A turkeys never have went more than 30 minutes at night without locating. Something strange is going on. Have noticed way fewer song birds this year also. Heard there was some dead song birds down by Fossil Creek. 2 weeks ago had a fox die at my place and tried to convince game and fish to come test it. Neighbors found a dead one 5 weeks ago. Also finding lots of dead chipmunks and mice. Maybe this is the year of pandemics for a lot of species.
  8. 6AYoteHunter

    FedEx stolen ammo

    Brownells is still refusing to reimburse me the $ that the FedEx letter (3/13) stated I was owed by the shipper. Will be on the phone with credit card company tomorrow if not resolved.
  9. I know COVID samples order via test code ZW282 were discarded when University of Washington could no longer accept samples from other regions. That combined with many patients having symptoms only in upper respiratory never meeting criteria for testing could be 80%. Also the patients who never go in for anything and just tough it out. #'s are way off.
  10. Actually numbers are significantly higher. The question is how much.
  11. 6AYoteHunter

    FedEx stolen ammo

    Had nearly half of an ammo delivery stolen by a FedEx worker. They said me or Brownells were likely the cause. Luckily had pictures and security video showing package had all original tape torn and cut off and then poorly retaped prior to arrival. Currently Brownells and I have an open case with FedEx after spending hours explaining to them they are to blame. FedEx still claims it will be at least 5 days before they make a decision. Best advice is to video everything that is shipped to you.
  12. 6AYoteHunter

    Best AZ Mule Deer Hunt

    Almost any unit has really good pockets of deer. Was running 12 cameras last year. 2 had hundreds of deer pictures per day, others had a couple pictures per week. Some of the desert units (lower than 3000 ft in elevation) produce some epic deer once it starts cooling off. Too hot during early archery and less predators so the age class gets up there. Sometimes the opposite side of those southern rivers are worth looking at.
  13. 6AYoteHunter

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    The elk always talk on the way to their beds that time of year. Timing is perfect for new hunters. Brush is the only negative in 22. Shots off tripods are definitely the way to practice.
  14. 6AYoteHunter

    The giddy bro-man

    Based on the number of out of state plates during archery elk and strip hunts; convinced lots of people lie about residency. AZ plates are actually uncommon in some areas now. Would prefer if all OTC was a draw for non residents regardless.
  15. 6AYoteHunter


    In 6A a couple weeks ago saw this wolf. Big male hanging out near some cattle near Camp Verde.