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  1. The 6 mm creedmoor with a 22" barrel and a +2 gas tube is probably the most versatile round you could pick.
  2. 6AYoteHunter

    95mm or 115mm swaro

    You need to determine if you ever plan to get a btx. That is when you will want the 115. It is kind of bulky for a stx. The 115 for sure requires a much stronger tripod and head than most are used to running. At the minimum you need a gitzo gt2542 or a rrs tfc-24l with like an outdoorsman fluid head for a 115 or it will vibrate and negate the benefits of the larger lense.
  3. 6AYoteHunter


    My Dad got a crossbow permit after he had an orthopedic surgeon tell him he couldn't shoot a bow anymore. He got injured saving a young gal from getting crushed by a falling load. He did extensive testing with his fancy Ten Point crossbow and determined his lethal distance was 60 yards which was no different from his PSE bow. Those bolts just don't have the same mass as a durable arrow. The part that bothers him and I are when you see guys running around with a loaded crossbow. You cannot really run around with your bow drawn back. So that shouldn't be allowed. He implemented his own self imposed rule to never wind up the crossbow until he was ready to shoot. During archery javelina season I was able to shoot way faster than him with this restriction. So IMHO if they allow crossbows they shouldn't be loaded all the time. Keep it somewhat a challenge trying to load it at 30 yards without spooking the game.
  4. 6AYoteHunter

    Kuiu Roll Call

    The brush out my front door tears up any pants and I always wear gaiters. Only spend extra money on rain pants or glassing insulated pants. I found BDU style pants with ripstop are the best. I spend at least 100 days a year busting through oak brush, catclaw, manzanita, plus all the other random plants in the way. Was on an elk hunt last year and saw new Kuiu and Sitka pants tear.
  5. 6AYoteHunter

    Recommend scopes

    Nightforce, Zeiss, Tangent Theta, or Zero Compromise all track true and very durable.
  6. 6AYoteHunter

    Gunsmith that can fix Remington 1100?

    Replace action spring and magazine spring
  7. 6AYoteHunter

    Gunsmith that can fix Remington 1100?

    If you need parts https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/remington/shotguns-rem/1100/parts-list-rem1100
  8. 6AYoteHunter

    23 North Early Archery

    Make sure have lots of help for the pack out. 23 and 27 are the only AZ units I would pass on a bull due to terrain. My 23 bull tipped over backwards off a cliff on an oak tree growing in oak brush. Had to de-bone a lot of it balancing on the bull. Packout was insane...and waited for him to leave the really bad spots in the canyon before shooting. Could barely walk after sleeping and had two friends helping. Have packed out other bulls solo over further distances but brush plus steep loose rock and the occasional cliff is tough.
  9. 6AYoteHunter

    Unit 23 north map

    That's basically how most of the unit is. I killed a bull in 23 on easier terrain and it still took 8 hours for 3 of us to pack it out.
  10. 6AYoteHunter

    Unit 23 north map

    Flatline is accurate. The ones I have seen you would need to highlight the 23N vs 23S boundary line based on the AZGFD notes.
  11. 6AYoteHunter

    AZGFD April 1st Meeting

    For those that are not aware, Please attended the AZGFD meeting April 1st. See info below: https://www.howlforwildlife.org/az_bear_lion_bobcat
  12. 6AYoteHunter

    Anyone have any luck in 6b?

    The terrain is different in that unit so the elk have different patterns vs other more popular units. There is no decent winter range for them other than sycamore canyon. That can significantly impact antler growth some years. The same bull can swing back forth from 280 to 340 class depending on green up in that unit. If someone is willing to learn those elk it is a very fun hunt. This year I think the antler growth should start out well so there is hope for really nice looking bulls. Mild winters with later warmer storms esp in spring favor 6B
  13. 6AYoteHunter

    Unit 6A

    I hunt coyotes in 6A during antelope fawning all the way until Aug. I killed an entire pack trying to get a newborn fawn on Mud Tanks, but that herd is still not doing well. Lots of antelope off the 229, 81A, and 214. Biggest antelope buck I ever saw on the hoof was a few years ago off Schnebly hill road while bear hunting. He looked every bit 95". Problem with 6A is it takes too much time to go from buck to buck and they have endless places to hide. That allows for lots and lots of hold over bucks though and it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't break a top 10 record in the next few years. It's not a 100% success hunt and most mature bucks are 75" class so people need to be realistic about that.
  14. 6AYoteHunter

    arizona elk??

    Oh and FYI us AZ natives cannot stand California so don't talk about that if you want help.
  15. 6AYoteHunter

    arizona elk??

    Please do NOT scout during active hunts. This is a good way to ruin a hunt for someone else. July is a perfect time to see elk. Sorry to break it to you but 10 points doesn't give you many options anymore despite the fairy tales told by celebrity hunters.