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  1. 6AYoteHunter

    Best sub $300 scope

    https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020618738?pid=832126 Made in Japan, lifetime unconditional warranty
  2. 6AYoteHunter

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    They need draw only for NR and they need to crack down on people lying about residency status ASAP. We calculated the max NR tags in unit 9 two years ago and saw more out of state plate hunters than the max by almost double in 6 days. They also need to have license checkpoints. Was out in 6B during the December tag with almost no permits and the place was more crowded with hunters than ever before yet no tag increases.
  3. 6AYoteHunter

    Lion Check -in

    Yep no new clients. Too much backlog. My Dad is now on 37 months waiting on a fox from him.
  4. 6AYoteHunter

    Gunsmith Recommendations in Tucson or Phoenix

    AxisWorks in Tempe would be my pick. Using the Alex Wheeler II reamer like Broz to fix clickers?
  5. We had a terrible problem with scumbags living all over the place. They shut it down a couple years ago. They are all along the 89A going to Sedona now. This is renew basically of the closure. I had to call the law a few times on those psychos. One exceptional idiot tried to attack my Dad with a 20" so called knife. Good thing I had a pistol with me.
  6. 6AYoteHunter

    freakin rodents!

    Have a friend that did research on them. They only eat every 2 weeks. Too low of volume. Owls do an awesome job though according to her they ate 12 mice per night on average. Need to find a way to keep them around more.
  7. 6AYoteHunter

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    The benefit of trail cameras
  8. 6AYoteHunter

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Yep lots of spikes do get nailed each year. I have seen a spike bull once that was extremely old. Guess if they live long enough they get low T and don't grow much. Wouldn't mine passing a bull that old though lol. Probably would be more helpful if we had more water sources. Seems like we have enough feed. Just lack the water in many areas. Maybe this would be a better opportunity for G&F. Rather than ban cameras. Start a camera tag and registration program. All 3 of my cameras have serial numbers. Assume all do??? Then take 100% of that revenue for water sources. Normally don't like a "new tax" but this would be better for the wildlife long term.
  9. 6AYoteHunter

    freakin rodents!

    I kill at least 10 a week at my place for the last 4 years. It is a never ending battle. Worse yet they are attracted to the smell of other ones. Get yourself a bunch of HAVAHART® X-SMALL 2-DOOR TRAP and BB gun them. No need for bait in these traps. Just put them along edges where the mice walk. They like tunnels and shiny things. They walk right in. Once there is some blood in one they really go crazy for a particular trap.
  10. 6AYoteHunter

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I am very surprised you didn't encountered the "water campers" on the strip. We encountered them numerous times. Ask anyone who tries to do wildlife counts. It is difficult with limited funding to properly assess how units are doing. Scientific community uses trail cameras for lots of research. Example is the mtn lion survey program in the Kofa to help with bighorn issues down there. Anyways just in the last 4 years I have been asked by G&F employees in 12A, 23, 9, 6A, 6B and 19A if I had cameras or had spent lots of time glassing. I find it more enjoyable to spend more time in the woods glassing personally. They said they wanted to know if I had an idea of animal counts. They recorded in length details of what I reported. Cameras can have their benefits in these counts. Especially with random species like coatimundi and ringtail cat population growth in 6A over the last 5 years. 2 G&F employees told me that they had no idea that either species existed in unit despite themselves running cameras. I do think less cameras will allow random animals to slip threw the cracks in units with only man made water sources. It is extremely annoying when 5 or 6 guides and 10 other random groups are all targeting one bull or buck. They may need to drop tag numbers due to poachers, cell phones, radios, rangefinders, spotting scopes, binos, scopes, rifles, bows, calls, camo, trucks, trailers, atvs, boots, backpacks, water bottles, etc. So no perfect balance can really be achieved.
  11. 6AYoteHunter

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I have a few cameras that I use to monitor for people activity on my property. Have used them a few times to look at wildlife in hunting areas since it is cool to get pictures of random critters. I have seen them used for good and bad in the field. The biggest pro imho is it keeps scum from sitting water sources at night. Maybe guys don't recall the days on the strip when people stayed at water sources for days. Then backed off and then they shot the bucks coming in after they were depleted. There will also be a huge increase in spot lightning. It is bad enough already along Allen Springs Road in 19A. That is the view in my front yard and I get called in or return from work late at night. Every night someone is running spotlights anymore. What bothers me most is the commission didn't care to get the public opinion or scientific opinion on this matter. They will continue with the same behavior now on many more issues. For the guys that say oh you should voice your opinion at meetings...what a joke if you actually work for a living. They don't let us know the agenda items a year out. No way will I use all my pto to go to every meeting that the government thinks up. IMHO the current commission makes up its mind before meetings and are using this method to paint a false picture of public opinion.
  12. 6AYoteHunter


    Have shot coyotes with the 17 gr vmax and 20 gr xtp. Both work. Furthest kill was a headshot at 240 yards with the xtp. Have a 24" barrel though so get a little extra velocity. Not an ideal caliber for coyotes. Think they are great for foxes or longer distance headshots on rabbits.
  13. 6AYoteHunter

    Are the snakes stil out?

    Saw a 18" diamondback 2 days ago at 4000 ft in central AZ at 10 am. Guy in the other lane got it. Have seen them a few times during late rifle bull hunts in 6A on the black lava rock around 3 in the afternoon.
  14. 6AYoteHunter

    19B Deer tag

    That's a great mule deer unit. Have seen nice non-typical bucks all over that unit. I cannot recall a single predator hunting trip where I didn't see bucks. Have a friend who's wife got a 4x7 out of that unit. Hiked in about 2 miles. 8 bucks at first light. Her buck was second largest in herd. Quick hunt. He almost got trampled by a 5x5 elk on the packout. Scouting is key. Tons and tons of private land, but that pumps out tons of old bucks like crazy into the public land. Way more big mule deer in that unit vs 23. Just lots of access issues though.
  15. 6AYoteHunter

    Bed in a box beds?

    I am very impressed with my GhostBed Luxe. Was having terrible shoulder pain for over a year and thought I had torn my rotator cuff. Got the new bed and within a few weeks shoulder was fine.