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  1. Be careful if using the online Harvest limit PDF file. They still have areas marked open for hunts later in year that have reached annual limits already. Example is 6A a total of 12 sows killed already.
  2. 6AYoteHunter

    6b muleys

    Too many cliffs in 6B. Find tons of dead deer under these after getting ambushed by cats and bears. They are forced to walk by these to get to any winter range in that unit or cross 89A into 6A and take the long way down full of coyotes.
  3. 6AYoteHunter

    Archery otc help

    Early December will be pre-rut so glassing them in beds and sneaking in works really well. So think areas you can get into them quietly and good binos. End of December they start to rut. Sometimes sitting trails works well at this point. Think of spots you have seen does and watch wind reports for the day. Spot and stalk also works well this time of year but they will move sometimes before you get within bow range to follow a doe they are harassing.
  4. 6AYoteHunter

    Prickly pear syrup and jelly

    Around 4000 ft has tons that will be ripe in maybe a week.
  5. 6AYoteHunter

    2019 Raffle buck

    Way better to work together vs competing and missing opportunities on this caliber of deer.
  6. 6AYoteHunter

    Getting ready

    Depending on unit suprising amount of leftover moisture. My big concern is guys will be sitting water so much the elk will take things slow during the day. Already seeing this shift in 6B just from scouting pressure.
  7. 6AYoteHunter

    Popcorn thread

    Heard that some of his "dead heads" are being questioned now. Wonder if he followed those rules... There is a thread from back in 2015 where Blake thought an elk hit by a train would be given to Vowell. Nope. So he doesn't know what the law really is on some basic matters.
  8. 6AYoteHunter

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

  9. Always a few super old bucks hanging in there. Worth scouting it IMHO.
  10. 6AYoteHunter

    Top units

    Some of the desert mule deer units would rank way up there.
  11. 6AYoteHunter

    Verde Rim Access

    Need 10 ply mud tires and 4wd to make it easier. Lots of rock and clay to deal with.
  12. 6AYoteHunter

    12 BW Early 🤔

    Success rate for that hunt is actually really high. Sometimes higher than 12aw. You don't see many deer but lots of the ones you do see are killable. One of the best units for super wide bucks. Saw around a 36" wide buck from the main road about 5 years ago during middle of the day. He was just hanging in tall sage. The weekend before the hunt started. Was making a supply run for a 12aw hunt. Scouting is key for the early hunt. Just be careful not to pressure the deer and push them into somewhere you cannot hunt.
  13. 6AYoteHunter


    Learn your access roads and GPS a bunch of the areas you see cow elk. Put out some cameras so you can see what resident bulls you have hanging out. You will have res bulls show up also. Boundry of res is not always well marked and is watched. Learn your water sources they hit them often when they are running around that terrian. Haul a ton of ice and have lots of hands willing to help on a difficult packout. Lots of meat is lost in 23N and 23S. Would argue more than any other units. See nearly entire elk spoiled a few times each year. G&F officer there will try to help find any wounded elk fyi. He also keeps track of kills with lost meat and bulls not recovered.
  14. 6AYoteHunter

    Lead on the Kaibab? (again)

    Those condors have the lowest IQ of any bird IMHO. My Dad was videoing a couple. A group of tourists walked up and started feeding them candy bars. Those stupid birds were eating the plastic wrappers. Then one little girl handed one her hair tie. The dumb bird ate that also. Over the years we have seen them eating tons of trash left at camp sites. Even a camp chair once. Buzzards and vultures are way smarter and are a lot tougher.
  15. 6AYoteHunter

    Elk unit breakdown

    Any proportional 6x6 (even some big 5x5 exist) or bigger is worth shooting on most late hunts. Early hunts barely gets you into the 300 class anymore for most hunters. Have helped on numerous top tier hunts and honestly they get over rated and are popular based on how they were years ago. If guys gave the same effort in lower tier units some bigger bulls would drop. My last 4 bull tags all in mid and low tier units 245", 286", 348", and 369" after breakage on late hunts. IMHO places like unit 9, 10, 23, 27 we kill the top 10% off every year and in places like 6A, 6B, 7W, 8, 19A, 21 they almost never touch the top 10% bulls. It is all based on what people expect and not reality.