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  1. SOLD - I have a Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 12'x20' Outfitter Tent for sale – It has only been used twice and comes with floor liner (still in box) never used and Roof Panel Protector, it has never seen a stove. The tent is in great shape. Over $1,400.00 invested will take $650.00. SOLD - BOTH Also have a Cabelas 12 x 12 Outback Lodge tent, circa 2010, good shape, does have a small rip in back but repaired and is solid and waterproof. Fully re-waterproof this last year. Quite possibly the simplest design among quality tents today. Camping with the Outback Lodge ends the hassle of fighting with cumbersome pole sets. Setting up the Outback Lodge is as simple as (1) staking out the corners, (2) raising the single center pole and four internal corner poles, then (3) securing the guy lines. That's it; camp is made. Asking $75.00 In addition, have Trek Tent model 283A, used as our cooking tent, again in good condition, it features: Floor less design • Made of woven 100% cotton canvas. • Corners, splash cloth and sod flap are made of long lasting, reinforced PVC vinyl. • High-density epoxy powder-coated steel frame • Screen walls are No-See-Um fine mesh polyester • Zippered doors on two sides • Awning flaps on all sides - eight in all • Awnings may be guyed out for added shade or zipped closed for privacy or wind protection • Full wrap-around polyester rain fly • Four awning poles, pole bag Asking $90.00 Everything is located in North Scottsdale
  2. Thanks, addition was never my strengths....lol
  3. I have a Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 12'x20' Outfitter Tent for sale – It has only been used twice and comes with floor liner (still in box) never used and Roof Panel Protector, it has never seen a stove. The tent is in great shape. Tent retails at Cabela’s for $1,200.00, the floor liner at $125.00 and the roof protector at $110.00 for total of $1,435.00. I will let it all go for $950.00 - price reduced $850.00 Located in North Scottsdale, near Dynamite and Alma School https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-ultimate-alaknak-12x20-outfitter-tent https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-alaknak-ii-tent-floor-liner https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-ultimate-alaknak-outfitter-tent-roof-panel-protector?rrec=true
  4. I am available to meet tomorrow or Monday - Can meet you anywhere off the 101 from Shea to Scottsdale Rd or you can meet me at my place near Alma School & Dynamite - your choice. R Arrows are sold.. Thanks
  5. Changed the Cam on my Mathews and rendered these arrows to short to use. These are virtually new arrows most have never been shot the ones that have 3 or 4 been only shot into foam for sitting in purposes my cost was over two hundred for the dozen. They are 28.5 inches long and are Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce 340 Platinum's, GPI 8.3. Paid over $200 at Arizona Archery Club - will let them go for $100.00. Located in N. Scottsdale more than welcome to inspect before purchase. Send me a note if you are interested. Ron
  6. Looking for either of the above in good shape that is 60-70lbs 29 draw, RH and at a good price for my backup bow. Thanks Ron
  7. Hasfun

    Mathews Heli-m or Z7

    Looking to buy either of the above as a backup bow - 60-70lb 29 draw. RH PM me or respond back - thanks Ron
  8. Hasfun

    Mathews Z7 $300

    Is your bow still available? Ron
  9. Hasfun

    First velvet buck

    great job - well done
  10. Pretty cool - not sure I would want to get in that blind anytime soon. lol
  11. The females grow between 30 and 40lbs and the male 45 to 60 - they get along well with other dogs and cats but are dominant in their behavior. We also have papers on both dogs - the female is UKC registered and the male from an organization in the Ukraine. Two white females left see pic and two brown males see pic
  12. They do fine - when it gets really hot 110+ we have a place in the house where they housed until dark. Ron
  13. Our West Siberian Laika gave birth to five puppies on September 19, 2018 and all are big and in good health. They will be ready November 12th just in time for Christmas! There were three females and two male. The female is UKC registered and the male is registered by a similar group in the country of Ukraine - we have papers for both. We have a firm price, of $500.00 plus all expenses if we have to help in getting the pup to you. These dogs are very special and we are very concerned about the breed so we also require a telephone interview to make sure it is a good fit with the dog and the owner. The mother and father are hunting dogs, are seldom leashed and enjoy being free to run and run they do. Both are very good around children and other dogs but have dominant qualities. If you are interested drop me a note back to rjhuddleston@hotmail.com. The dark female has been placed. Info about Laika’s: Laikas, occurring on Russian territory, belong to northern primitive breeds retaining traits of their wild ancestor, the wolf, in the appearance and behavior. They are dogs with pointed muzzle, slightly rangy or nearly square body and often gray or gray mixed with red like in the wolf coat color predominate. Many hunters with Laikas living in Moscow and its vicinity have an old tradition to use their Laikas as duck retrievers. The West Siberian Laika picks up duck retrieving easily, does not hesitate to swim in water at subfreezing temperature and is strong enough to retrieve ducks from water bodies with thick aquatic vegetation and muddy shores. West Siberian Laika make great big game dogs. Usually good bear Laikas are equally good on wild boar. Some good moose Laikas are lacking hunting interest to go after wild boar. For more information on Laika’s go to http://www.laikabreeds.com/content/hunting-with-laika/
  14. Hasfun

    Rare Russian Hunting Pups for Sale

    The female has been here for two years and the male 1 year the have handled the heat very well. They have shade and plenty of water. Females will go to 40lbs and males to 50lbs. I can tell you the are great hunters, very observant and fast. We have a home on the rim and they love working the forest.