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  1. jdcamo

    300 win mag load

    What cooper are you shooting? I’m thinking about getting a cooper in 300 win mag
  2. jdcamo

    Swarovski ATS HD 20-60x80

    I have a Swarovski ATS HD 80 mm with 20-60x eye piece scope forsale. Great scope selling because I want to try out a 65mm. This scope is in great condtion. I haven't used it much. Includes a camo neoprene cover. $2300
  3. jdcamo


    I have an angled 80 mm HD if your still looking
  4. jdcamo

    WTT: Gitzo tripod for an outdoorsman

    Still have the urge to try an outdoorsman. Had a few people say I'm making a mistake by switching. But still have the urge
  5. jdcamo

    Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg

    I have a spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 3 pin forsale. 3 pin wrapped housing .19 size pins. I painted the body with some flat brown spray paint to camo it up. Can be removed if you wish. Awesome sight! $155
  6. I have a Gitzo 1228 tripod. Looking to try out an outdoorsman. Not sure if that's a bad move or not. But have an urge to try an outdoorsmans. Anyone want to trade?
  7. Yea it's a long shot. But figured I'd see. Maybe a 65mm ATX I'll likely keep the 80mm if no one wants to trade. The going rate for the 80 HDs Is 2400-2500 from what I have seen
  8. I have a Swarovski ATS 80mm HD. Looking to possibly trade it for a swaro ATX. Know a few people who went away from the ATX and back to the ATS/ATM series because of the weight. I'd be curious to try one out.
  9. jdcamo

    Swarovski ATS 65mm HD 20-60x

    Finally figured out how to post some pics.
  10. jdcamo

    Swarovski ATS 65mm HD 20-60x

    Anyone interested?
  11. jdcamo

    Swarovski ATS 65mm HD 20-60x

    I can send pics if anyone is interested. Also I'm located in Colorado. But will ship where ever.
  12. I have a Swarovski ATS 65mm HD 20-60x forsale. It's in good condtions. Nothing wrong with it. Reason I'm Selling is only because I'm upgrading to a bigger scope. Includes lens caps. $1750 TYD I can email or text pics if you like.