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  1. Bustnhearts692

    Looking for a new GPS

    Just bought a Garmin GPSMAP 64ST last Aug for deer. Came preloaded with US Topo, Bought the AZ ONX map chip.. Thing is awesome . Def recommend. Reasonable price check it out..
  2. Bustnhearts692


    yessir thats me, was looking at buying horses..
  3. Bustnhearts692

    Persistency pays off

    Thanks everybody yeah I’m happy with him.
  4. Bustnhearts692

    Persistency pays off

    Thanks. And thank you for rotating the pic. I can never figure out how to do that.
  5. Bustnhearts692

    Persistency pays off

    Well short story. Hunted three hard days. One missed shot opportunity. Had to work 2 days. Watching the clock waiting for the time to get back to my glassing spot. Hoping for redemption. Finally Wednesday morning came and 10 minutes into glassing turned up 3 coues bucks feeding with 2 muley bucks. Range 255. One shot later from the Savage 7MM and patiently/impatiently waiting to make my way across the canyon to retrieve him. Not my biggest coues but a tough fun hunt. One heck of a pack out of the canyon. Big thanks to Josh for dropping everything and helping me with the pack out. Well I just bought a new truck and was waiting to get back on the board with my second coues deer. Does anyone on here know where I can get a coueswhitetail window decal. Thanks.
  6. Bustnhearts692

    Archery 6b bull. Who has a tag next week

    Keep an eye out for Coues. I have a Nov tag in there. Any reports would be greatly appreciated
  7. Bustnhearts692

    6B Nov Whitetail

    Neg then I would be asking for spots. If you read it I’m willing to trade info. Not looking for just info!!
  8. Bustnhearts692

    6B Nov Whitetail

    Roger that. That is the plan. Really thinking secret mtn.
  9. Bustnhearts692

    6B Nov Whitetail

    Hi I'm not new to the forum as I had to change my account before. I am also not E-Scouting looking for some information on Unit 6B for November WT. I have killed WT in Unit 22. I live in Flagstaff and willing to trade info on units 7 and 11 for both elk and deer. Ill be getting out in the next few weeks just looking for a good starting place.
  10. Bustnhearts692

    8mm Mauser

    150$ takes it.
  11. Bustnhearts692

    8mm Mauser

    Price Drop. 180$obo
  12. Bustnhearts692

    8mm Mauser

    Yeah there nice antiques. Just dont shoot it.
  13. Bustnhearts692

    8mm Mauser

    Crest on Mauser
  14. Bustnhearts692

    8mm Mauser

    1942 on ring. Ill post better pic of crest. Barrel has Germany stamped into it 1938
  15. Bustnhearts692

    8mm Mauser

    8mm Mauser for sale with a box of ammo. Asking 200$ Located in Flagstaff Colt 928-814-8590 text or call Thanks