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  1. Bustnhearts692

    2 youth tags filled

    awesome how do you like it? Sorry to take away from the awesome hunt but just curious about Athlon
  2. Bustnhearts692

    2 youth tags filled

    Great job. Is the scope used the Athlon Argos BTR?
  3. Bustnhearts692

    Scope Shopping

    Been highly considering Athlon Argos BTR. Opinions?
  4. Bustnhearts692

    What am I

  5. Bustnhearts692

    Scope Shopping

    looking for input on Vortex Viper HS-T 6x24x50. I like the Zero Stop feature, vortex glass seems good. Any one have personal experience in the field with this scope?
  6. Bustnhearts692

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    Holy meat!! Good job
  7. Bustnhearts692


    I sent you a message
  8. Bustnhearts692

    Son got it done again.

    12A LMAO..
  9. Bustnhearts692

    Son got it done again.

    Nice Bull congrats.. What unit?
  10. Bustnhearts692

    Mathews Z7 $300

    I have same bow and love it, heck of a Deal..
  11. Bustnhearts692


    I live in this unit, like this unit, just need to spend time and scout, better yet stay out of it and maybe ill be able to get a tag lol.
  12. Bustnhearts692

    Hunting around Colorado Springs

    Possibly looking to relocate to Colorado Springs area. has anyone hunted around CS? How is the big game hunting for OTC around CS? Thanks
  13. Bustnhearts692

    Looking for a new GPS

    Just bought a Garmin GPSMAP 64ST last Aug for deer. Came preloaded with US Topo, Bought the AZ ONX map chip.. Thing is awesome . Def recommend. Reasonable price check it out..
  14. Bustnhearts692


    yessir thats me, was looking at buying horses..
  15. Bustnhearts692

    Persistency pays off

    Thanks everybody yeah I’m happy with him.