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  1. Jnj13

    Leupold VX 3 HD 4.5-14x40

    sold pending funds
  2. Leupold VX 3 4.5-14x40 sold
  3. Jnj13


  4. Jnj13

    Savage 110 Switchback 308

  5. Jnj13

    Savage 110 Switchback 308

  6. New battery. Great range finder out to about 900. Has HCD. In Tucson $160 obo
  7. 308 win Savage 110 Switchback. Factory muzzle brake. Bipod included. Have about a box of ammo too. $500. Great shooter. In Tucson
  8. Jnj13

    Any Border Issues 36C ?

    We had the first hunt in 36C. There is no longer a border patrol checkpoint near Elk Horn ranch. We had illegals come thru our evening hunt first day. Found fresh trash and camps each day hiking in. Helicopters flying low and then lights and sirens flying down the ranch road we were off of the last day. Luckily we got it done and got out of there in 3 nights. I'd say it's the worst I've ever seen there. GL
  9. Jnj13

    Help from NC

    We drew a 36 tag in '19. First time in there. We did have a chance a good buck. Like most are stating, plenty of deer. Really cool country- think oak savanna. Our hunting experience though was not the best as we had illegals walking thru camp every night, had illegals walk below us as we were glassing once, and our friends camp a mile away from us had the BP chopper land 200 yards from his tent and round up 7 drug runners at 1:00AM. I don't think we we in 'danger' it's just not the hunting experience I want.
  10. Jnj13

    Outfitters that guide in 24B?

    Call Clay. @bucknbulls Call (928) 978-0352 A-Z Outfitters
  11. Jnj13

    Choosing a bow

    Congrats! The 90% let off on the new PSE's is a game changer. It's also the lightest of those bows.
  12. Jnj13


    Great bow! Lots of life left on string. 5 pin PSE Sight and stabilizer included. $240 Tucson set at 31” draw and 60# but a very adjustable bow that fits almost any shooter.