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    @duckhunter175 yes the 120 grain superformance hornady. Coues slayers.
  2. Jnj13


    Been watching this one. Great looking rifle! FWIW- My sons 6.5CM 22" barrel chrono'd at 3047, 3048, 3050 fps, true to factory ammo claimed velocity (3050). No loss due to barrel length.
  3. Great fishing boat! Full carpet interior, live well, rod locker, storage, 2 perfect seats, 1 year new Honda 2.3 (has 5 year warranty) 50 thrust minkota, fish finder. Lake ready. Everything works! Bilge, live well, lights. All required boat safety equipment included. No leaks. Trailer has permanent tags and a swing away tongue. Sorry for the pic quality. Boat is covered and stored in my garage. Located in Tucson $3900
  4. Jnj13

    Backpack suggestions

    I've used the badlands 2200 for 2 seasons. It handled an elk quarter just fine, an entire coues and recently a mule deer with my bow strapped to it too. Light and strong. http://www.badlandspacks.com/badlands-2200-hunting-pack
  5. Jnj13

    My 2019 archery buck

    Let me start by saying it’s been 4 years since I killed a deer so this one means a lot. Literally 1000’s if miles travelled and 100’s of miles hiked. Countless failed stocks, missed shots, etc. When it all comes together with a bow there is nothing better. I had chased this buck a few days prior and he decided to billy goat it up and over the summit of the nastiest mnt. I thought I had busted him out of there. A few days later I got in there to see if I could pick him back up and found a few does. Waited it out and he came into view rutting one of them. He followed that doe right to within 46 yards of me. I got to full draw and ....Wish I remembered the shot. Buck fever is a real thing I guess. All I know is he piled up under the most majestic saguaro less than 10 seconds and 20 yards from impact. DRT!
  6. Jnj13

    Lion unit?

    I tried calling in pigs last Jan and had a lion charge me from out of nowhere. I can only assume he was already stalking me. Maybe got to 50 yards before I crapped myself, stood up, and yelled. No side arm and bow was on the ground or I'd have my cat. Mistakes were made. 36's full of them.
  7. Jnj13

    Opening morning Jr success

    Thanks everyone. AZ Ranger. That’s pretty cool. Small world.
  8. Jnj13

    Opening morning Jr success

    I think I got the pics figured out.
  9. We set out on my son’s 4th Jr hunt this week. Plenty of scouting during the archery season paid off but also made for a quick hunt. Small hike into our first glassing spot and right at first light my son found 3 bucks. A friend was helping and thought the best buck was a small 2. Later we realized he was on different bucks. We had several bucks in this canyon now. After an hour my son pointed us to the bucks he found again and told us that was a tall 3x3 and he wanted to try and get to him. We closed the distance to about 600 yards and discovered his young eyes to be correct. A very nice 3x3 in full velvet. We managed another 40 yards before the canyon dropped away from us and set up for the shot. 569, one practice shot, 540, one hit. Unfortunately the buck took a nice tumble and luckily got held up on a century plant otherwise it might have found the bottom of the canyon. Most of the velvet was damaged in his fall. We didn’t realize exactly how steep and high these bucks were until we got there. It took over an hour to get down from the ridge and back up to the other side of the canyon. 1 hour+ to get 550 yards. My son loaded all the meat and the caped buck into his pack and we were back to the truck at noon. Quick work of his Jr tag. This is his 4th coues and his best to date. This deer is all his too. He found the spot, found the deer, made the move, handled the shots, and packed him out. He’s asked to have this deer mounted and I am really looking forward to having a memory of this jr hunt forever. Gavin is confident he can give us a velvet mount. Can’t wait to see how he turns out. Thanks for reading. pics coming
  10. Thx Lance. Good info! I used his ballistics 2629 .789 300 and my 6.5 CM round still is flatter out to 1100 but not faster. Appreciate the education.
  11. Like new. Used this month to sight in. Paid $60. For sale $45. Tucson great shape. 1 bolt slightly bent from recoils. Does not affect sled at all
  12. Tac, I’m curious now. what are the ballistics for your 338?
  13. 6.5CM or 338 lapua? Quite a difference. There are people all over youtube shooting steel plates with a 6.5CM at a mile. I shoot that round and at 1320 yards would have over 650" of drop. More MOA than my scope can handle. I'm sure the 338 magnum can shoot that distance. It's a cannon! In fact the 338 is the caliber Chris Kyle used on his 2100 yard longest confirmed kill. I suspect the 338 drop would be double that of the 6.5CM though. So it's on the scope. The CM is flatter and faster.