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  1. PNWhunter

    Waders and Layout Blind

    I’m almost positive they are 1200g but I’ll double check when I get home.
  2. PNWhunter

    Waders and Layout Blind

    Lacrosse Super Brush Tuff waders, size 13. Used twice, no rips/tears or wear, seams are all intact. $150 Cabelas Northern Flight Mobile 1 Layout Blind. Brand new, never opened. $70
  3. PNWhunter

    WTB Backpack and Rifle

    Possibly, PM sent.
  4. PNWhunter

    WTB Backpack and Rifle

    Not quite what Im looking for, thanks though.
  5. PNWhunter

    WTB Backpack and Rifle

    Looking for a Horn Hunter Full Curl or Alps Outdoorz Commander X or Hybrid X. Also looking for a budget 6.5 Creedmoor (Savage, TC, etc.) Figured Id see if anyone has one they want to sell before buying off the shelf.
  6. PNWhunter

    Badlands 2200 and bino case

    I'll take the bino case.
  7. PNWhunter

    WTB Vortex Vulture 15x56

    PM or reply here if you have some you are willing to sell.
  8. PNWhunter


    Price drop
  9. PNWhunter


    Bump for lower prices.
  10. PNWhunter


    Price drop.
  11. PNWhunter

    15x56 Vortex Vulture HD

    Long shot but anything you would be interested in trading for?
  12. PNWhunter


  13. PNWhunter


    Lacrosse Super Brush Tuff Waders $115 Size 13 boot, and king size body. Used on one hunt.
  14. PNWhunter

    Savage Model 11 .22-250

    Now $400
  15. PNWhunter

    WTB 22-250 or 243

    I've got a Savage Model 11 .22-250 up for sale.