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  1. Aimsmall

    Fly fishing gear

    Pontoon and LR waders SPF
  2. Aimsmall

    Fly fishing gear

    Fly fishing gear up for sale. Located in Peoria, near 75th ave and thunderbird. 1. Fish Cat FC-8 pontoon. In great condition. No holes in pontoon. Comes with two wooden oats. Has wheel for transporting up/down trail. $135 OBO 2. Caddis float tube. Appears to be in new condition Missing the front net. $65. OBO 3. Cabelas waders. Size LS. $25 4. Cabelas waders. Size LR. $25 5. Fishpond waist pack. $50. 6. Arctic Sport Muck Boots. Men’s size 11. $65. I also have a grip of fly tying supplies as well for those who have the patience to do that. I will post pictures of that stuff tonight.
  3. Aimsmall

    Garage clean out

    Stand, cots, pad, and kitchen SPF.
  4. Aimsmall

    Garage clean out

    Making room in the garage. Located in Peoria, near 75th and Thunderbird. 1. Cabelas camp kitchen -$75. In pretty good condition. One of the hooks on the cabinet is missing. The case is in pretty bad shape 2. Cabelas xl cot - $50. Great shape. Includes organizer and tree for hanging clothes. 3. Bass pro cot - $35. Great condition. 4. Big game tree stand $65. Includes 20’ ladder, straps and a bow hook 5. Cabelas sleeping pad - $25.
  5. Aimsmall


  6. Aimsmall


    I drew thie same tag this year! Headed up tomorrow morning. So freaking excited!!!
  7. Aimsmall


    You have this tag this year?
  8. Aimsmall

    Eat your hearts out elk tag holders

    Anyone know what unit jj shot the bull in?
  9. Aimsmall

    Elk scents

    I’ve found wind in my face always works best for me
  10. Aimsmall

    There up !

    Someone is smiling down on me... with 8 BP, I drew a early archery bull tag in 23N!
  11. Aimsmall

    PSE X force Drive R SOLD-SOLD

    Be in Phoenix any time soon?
  12. Aimsmall

    8 1/2 months prego, Am I crazy????

    That's a loud BANG for developing ears! Was in your shoes laat year for a deer hunt, decided it wasnt worth it.
  13. Aimsmall

    Opening day archery Az Strip buck!

    I think what Don is trying to say is that you don't need to spend BIG $$$ on an outfitter to kill a big deer on the strip. I believe his fees are quite a bit less than some of the other guys up there.
  14. Aimsmall

    Need glass pane replaced on arcadia door

    You might want to check Building Material Outlet near 32nd St. and University.
  15. Aimsmall

    ALL SOLD...

    Azhunt, man I'm really sorry. I mistook bhunting for you. Please ignore my previous posts.