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  1. BML

    Another toad hits the dirt

    I wondered when someone was going to bring that up.
  2. BML

    5bn elk, pictures added!

    It's the pressure that 5BN gets that's shuts them up. We hunted it several years in a row and it just got worse and worse as more and more people showed up in areas we hunted. On my hunt I heard 2 bugles in 7 days during legal shooting light. Bulls are still killable but for me part of hunting elk this time of year is getting to experience all the awesome sighta and sounds of the rut! So we no longer hunt there.
  3. BML

    AZ Antelope Hunt (VIDEO)

    Great video! Sometimes the animals just flat out win, no matter how much effort you put into hunting them.
  4. BML

    Another toad hits the dirt

    You guys can debate morals and ethics until you're all dead. No one ever agrees 100% with the way other people do things and no one ever will. Debating the law, however is another story. IMO there's no way this buck was legally taken outside the park boundary. This buck didn't live anywhere near the boundary. Those park bucks leave for one reason and one reason only and that's when they have ladies on the brain. I suppose my opinion doesn't matter much anyway. After all, it's not me that this guy is going to have to prove any legalities to.
  5. BML

    Best small HD camera??

    Panasonic V700 or V700m. Internal memory is the only difference.
  6. BML

    Giant Velvet Coues buck!

    Marvin I believe it was killed last Tuesday or Wednesday.
  7. BML

    Another toad hits the dirt

    Maybe he didn't leave the park. Well that's always a possibility as well.
  8. It's been a couple weeks, but I wanted to share the results of our first annual Granite Mountain IHC Benefit Tournament. I'm not even sure where to begin. I've never been a part of such a crazy event!! We had high expectations for this tournament. Lake Pleasant is an awesome lake for a total weight or numbers shoot. A very rare monster can be found, but the overwhelming majority of the fish are under 10 pounds and there's LOTS of them! Check in and registration started like any other tournament. Guys and gals having a good time having dinner and sharing fish stories and a few cold ones! About an hour before launch time, however things got crazy! A wind storm blew in with a fury like we've never seen at this lake. 30mph winds kicked up 4-5 foot waves on the lake. We had all our boats staged at the ramp waiting to launch and it was a struggle for boats already on the water to get the heck back on shore! It was 11:30 before the weather let up enough that we could all finally launch. Then it became a mad scramble to find fish in horrible water for the now shortened 5.5 hour tournament. As you can imagine, the fishing pretty much sucked but we all still had a blast. Not one single shooter ever complained about the evening. In fact, there was a lot of smack talk going down at the ramp before we launched! Winning team ended up with only 17 fish and a touch over 100 pounds! 3rd place only took 10 fish and was well under 100 pounds. To put this in perspective as to how bad this is, we shot a tournament at the same lake in early June and 13 boats weighed in nearly 3,000 pounds that night!! All in all, though it was the cause that mattered for this tournament and everyone still had a blast!! We were able to raise a touch under $5,000 for the families of the 19 fallen heros! a HUGE thank you goes out to all the awesome sponsors we were able to line up for this event! We contacted every single sponsor of this site and were overwhelmed with the amount of support we were given. Here's a bunch of pics: Here's the sponsor banner. I have to give a big shout out to Jeff at NDesigns. He donated a dozen of the hats these ladies are wearing. We had a near disaster and had to switch banner companies 3 days before the tourney. In the madness we left the NDesigns logo off the banner! Our screw up and we feel terrible about it. Winner if the 2 bow package we raffled off. Yep that's me! First place: Team Swamp Donkey Second Place: The Kauffman Crew Third place: team Catalina Marina And lastly the final crew that stayed long enough to get in the pic. Several boats never even fished because of the weather. Thank you again to everyone who participated in this event!
  9. BML

    Another toad hits the dirt

    He must have left the park cause I have pictures of that buck too!
  10. BML

    WTB Leica 1600B rangefinder

    You and me both! Good luck.
  11. BML

    Giant Velvet Coues buck!

    Well said Gino and Broc! I recently had the pleasure of spending a day in the woods scouting with Jay and his brother. Class acts all the way! Two awesome guys that share the passion just like all the rest of us. Congrats again Broc.
  12. BML

    Women's G5 Quest bow

    Sold. Thank you.
  13. BML

    Women's G5 Quest bow

    PM returned. Thank you.
  14. BML

    Women's G5 Quest bow

    Sounds good. Thank you.