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    Draw Results

    I drew a 3B late muzzleloader tag. I cannot wait to get back to Arizona.
  2. Cheaha

    12g wad info

    There's a guy on YouTube named Wade Rush, channel name is Bubba Roundtree Outdoors, who has many videos on loading buckshot. He is in South Carolina where they run dogs for whitetails and they shoot all kinds of buckshot loads. He explains all components and target tests each one. You should check him out, good stuff.
  3. Is it possible to adjust draw length to 29" on that bow?
  4. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing.
  5. Cheaha


    PM sent!
  6. Great story! Great Bull!
  7. Whatever you do, don't overdo it and pay attention to form! Learn from my mistake as I have learned the hard way over the last two weeks. I have been hitting the gym, doing all of the right exercises and more for the past year. I have worked my compound bow weight up from 60# to 67# without any problems. Then, two weeks ago, I decided it would be cool to get out my 55# recurve and shoot it in addition to my compound. Long story short, I pulled a muscle in my middle right back, just under/next to shoulder blade. Felt like a red hot poker jabbed in my back. A recurve uses different muscles than a compound. I would not have believed it if you told me that but it is true! I'm sure using improper form contributed. No shooting for two weeks. Massage therapy and Advil. Ease into it and pay attention to form. Or regret it!
  8. Hello Everyone, I am new to the CouesWhitetail.com forum. I am from the Alabama Gulf Coast (Magnolia Springs) and I have never actually been to Arizona. I did get lucky this year and I will be experiencing Arizona for two weeks in September. I drew a bull elk tag for the early archery hunt in Unit 6A. Don't worry, I am not about to ask "where are the elk." I have more general questions I hope someone will be willing to answer. In order to make this trip happen, I will be bringing my wife and 11 year old daughter. The plan is to set up a base camp where we can camp together. I will be making solo overnight (possibly multi-night) trips into the backcountry. My wife and daughter are into camping for a few nights, but will want to do some other things while I am out hunting. (Any suggestions for activities would be welcome.) This base camp will have to be near a road on which my wife will feel comfortable driving, so she can get where they want to go. I am concerned about making this work. Obviously, communication is a major concern for my safety and theirs. A friend who hunted there last year said there is no cell phone coverage in the interior of the unit. Does coverage exist along the fringes of the unit on the highways? My research indicates two-way radios are permitted. There is no mention of them except one place in the regulations booklet where the use of FRS type radios is encouraged for emergency use, so I believe they are legal. Someone please correct me if I am incorrect. Does anyone have experience with the use of FRS type radios in the area? Is it realistic to think if I went 10 miles into the Unit I would be able to communicate with my wife back at base camp? Some of the FRS radios advertise a 26 mile range, but I am doubtful. It appears the southern region of Unit 6A would likely be more conducive to radio communication, but I don't know. I am thinking about investing in an inReach or Spot device, but without cell coverage on the road it would not do me much good as far as communicating with the family. Has anyone gone that route? Any ideas? Thanks for any guidance you may be able to provide. Good hunting to all, Andrew