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  1. Dpduckhunter13

    Elk Mountain Wall Tent review

    I bought a 13x20 last year and Spent around 6 weeks in it from October thru January. I would recommend upgrading to the 1” conduit and premium angles if you’re doing anything over the 13x13, but besides that I’m really impressed. Holds up well to the wind, stayed dry and the 6 windows really made it nice when things were toasty midday. Can’t beat the price either
  2. Dpduckhunter13

    Miscellaneous duck hunting stuff

    Sold pending funds
  3. Dpduckhunter13

    Miscellaneous duck hunting stuff

  4. Dpduckhunter13

    Miscellaneous duck hunting stuff

  5. Dpduckhunter13

    Miscellaneous duck hunting stuff

    Cleaned up the garage and came to the realization I’d rather chase rutting deer than ducks and geese. Most of the decoys need weights or they’re in the bottom of the bags. Mojo works just needs a new battery. Price is $250 obo, pickup north Phoenix Text 602-803-0916 for additional info One mojo mallard, 1 12volt charger, 2 mojo doves, 1 drake blind bag, 1 Zink PH-1 single reed acrylic call, 1 specklebelly call, 1 goose honker, 2 poly short reed goosecalls, 1 diamondwood/poly duck call, 1 poly timber call, 4 goose floaters, 4 standing/sitting goose decoys, 4 goose butts (need paint), 1 heron, 4 pintails, 2 teal, 6 gadwall, 6 magnum HD mallards, 4 standard mallards, 1 water displacer (to add movement to your spread), a few miscellaneous weights, boat load of ammo, 3 boxes bonus 00 buck.
  6. Dpduckhunter13

    Dental Work

    Cade Smith of All Smiles Dental Care. Great dude and owner/inventor of the triclawps. Great guy and good prices.
  7. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsmans’s Medium Tripod

  8. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsmans’s Medium Tripod

  9. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsmans’s Medium Tripod

  10. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsmans’s Medium Tripod

  11. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsmans’s Medium Tripod

  12. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsmans’s Medium Tripod

    Selling for a friend. Outdoorsmans medium tripod, good condition, located north valley. $300 firm. Text 6028030916 for any further details
  13. Dpduckhunter13

    Docter 40x80 ED $3500

    Bump for a great set of binos. Wouldn’t trade mine for anything
  14. Sportsmans in Avondale had 3 boxes last Friday. Call tomorrow and ask for either the hunting manager or the store manager.
  15. Dpduckhunter13

    Kaibab Elk

    We killed one on the west side in 2010 scouting for deer around the Oquer point area. They would hit our salt every 5 days like clockwork.