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  1. Dpduckhunter13

    Hamburger recipes

    1lb ground meat 1 egg garlic salt pepper Few splashes of Worcestershire sauce 1/2 onion (finely diced) Mix together, make 4-5 round balls, press onto a cast iron skillet and cook medium 🤌
  2. Dpduckhunter13

    ISO 270 WSM 145 ELD-X

    Super long shot, but looking for 5 boxes. Gun shoots them phenomenally and already have a cut turret. Trying to avoid load development 😂
  3. Dpduckhunter13

    Outdoorsman Pistol Grip

    For $50 I’ll take it
  4. Dpduckhunter13


    I’ve got a couple boxes factory loaded federal 160 accubonds I’ll sell for cheap. They don’t group out of my rifle
  5. Dpduckhunter13


    Pm sent
  6. Dpduckhunter13

    Chimney sweeper Starlight pines

    Exactly as the title says. Looking to get the chimney swept for the wood burning stove at my buddy’s cabin in starlight pines early next week. Anyone have someone they recommend?
  7. Dpduckhunter13

    Recommend a concrete formed edging co?

    Cutting edge curbing. Pretty sure they service the east valley.
  8. Dpduckhunter13

    2020 Unit 10 antelope

    You can say that again 🤢
  9. Dpduckhunter13

    Oct Bear Opener

    Everyone has to shoot the day before to hunt, but the bear fever is real 🤷‍♂️ Lol.
  10. Dpduckhunter13

    Oct Bear Opener

    Dude it’s been bad. Pretty much all in the 200-400 yd range. A couple from 450-550 but the miss at 200 yds prone hurt my soul
  11. Dpduckhunter13

    Oct Bear Opener

    Anyone getting prepped for the second round of fall bear hunts? I filled my tag this spring, but I’ll be heading up to help my wife and my buddy and his wife tag out. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of 3 bears so far this year, including my own. That number should be quite a bit higher, but we’ve had 23 misses on bears, all at moderate range and all from some sort of SOBPS (sudden onset bear Parkinson’s syndrome 🤣) Who’s got some 2020 dead bear pics? First bear of 2020 and Hanks first ever. Ancient sow that should age around the 20 year mark My 2020 bear and by far my biggest. A touch over 6’10” and the skull is just over 20” My clients boar from August right around the 6’ mark.
  12. Dpduckhunter13

    2019 ATL pics

    So far they don’t, but the springs may have helped with that. Just added some mud-buster fender flares and that caused my buddy’s tires to rub a little bit. I’ll take that over the 100 lbs of mud thrown into the cab when it’s soupy 🙄
  13. Dpduckhunter13

    2019 ATL pics

    It’s been awesome so far. Put 30” ITP tires on it and the dual rate springs from shock therapy and it rides like a dream
  14. Dpduckhunter13

    Carol Baskin

  15. Dpduckhunter13

    Shed buyer

    928-606-0890. Tell him Daniel sent you