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  1. JakeUSMC

    Yuma Mule deer hunting (desert deer)

    I know its been 8 years, but I wanted to bring this thread back to life. I have been back and forth to Yuma since 2013 for work and I want to get serious about hunting the area for mule deer. I have been successful up north in the pines, but the hunting pressure has been getting insane. All the road hunters and recreation are driving me nuts. If anyone wants to team up I am in Yuma every week for a couple days and I have nothing but free time outside of work. I hunted north of Dateland before and saw 1 nice buck on the last day of the hunt back in 2014.
  2. JakeUSMC

    Camp Navajo

    Can Veterans hunt Camp Navajo if they are not retired? I am a Veteran with a VA rating and I am a current DOD Federal Civilian. Do I qualify?
  3. JakeUSMC

    5b Turkey

    Thanks for the advice !
  4. JakeUSMC

    5b Turkey

    Last year we had to donate my wife’s 5b turkey Tag because of work obligations. She was fortunate enough to draw the same tag this year and because of all this covid stuff she is able to go ! This will be our first turkey hunt and we have no idea what we are doing. I have a box call and an ol betsy call. Any tips ? Thanks !
  5. JakeUSMC

    5B Turkey

    Only heard one gobble all weekend. Plenty of elk and deer. Saw 1 antelope alone in the woods....thought that was odd. He was a dandy too!
  6. JakeUSMC

    Wife's first turkey

    Awesome !!!! Nice bird !
  7. JakeUSMC

    5B Turkey

    Alright ! Now I’m even more excited ! Thanks fellas. Gobble gobble.
  8. JakeUSMC

    5B Turkey

    This will be my first turkey hunt! Extremely excited. Don't know where to start so I'll be wingin' it. I heard the roads are stilll closed up there...? Is this true?
  9. JakeUSMC

    Whos going to win the Super Bowl Poll

    Drinking, grillin, and chillin.
  10. JakeUSMC

    In need of some help

    Great. Haven't received PM yet.
  11. JakeUSMC

    In need of some help

    I am moving down to Yuma for a year or so for work. My wife and 3 dogs will be staying in Phoenix and I'll be going home on the weekends. I am searching for a free or affordable place in Yuma to park my 25' Toy Hauler, which I will be living in. I know there is a lot of BLM land down there that I used to camp on when I was Active Duty down there but I am concerned leaving the trailer unattended over the weekends on public land. Does anyone on here live in the Yuma area and maybe have some land I could park on or know of somewhere I could "dry camp" for this time? Semper Fi
  12. Update. Sorry I haven't posted sooner. I was successful in harvesting a Cow Elk in 19A. The pack out was hellacious. Saw several bulls and a few cows. I picked out the biggest one and dropped her at 255 yards with my 30-06.
  13. JakeUSMC

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    Remington 1903A3 30-06 Sporterized. Made in 1942 and carried through Whiskey Whiskey Deuce (European Theatre). This rifle has Nazi's, deer, and elk under its belt. My latest harvest was a 19A Cow. I used 180gr Remington Core Lokt. Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm scope.
  14. JakeUSMC

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    I just got my first muzzy. Inline though.... So I noticed you said you have a .50 cal barrel but shoot a .45 cal sabot. I didn't know you could do that! Learn something new everyday. Pretty rifle!
  15. JakeUSMC

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    Awesome rifle! Do you know what year it is from?