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  1. davidkucharik

    January Muley

    A big thank you to 5guyshunting for fixing my pics! I appreciate it! And thank you all for the congrats! GOD really blessed me on this one!
  2. davidkucharik

    January Muley

    no, not really. I practiced with it a lot at the range so I just got myself used to it. I will say that if the Velcro isn't tight it makes noise in high winds. Definitely works though!
  3. davidkucharik

    December and January Success

    I did not realize I posted these in the wrong forum, can someone from admin delete these from this thread. I do appologise TJ_G91
  4. davidkucharik

    January Muley

  5. davidkucharik

    January Muley

  6. davidkucharik

    January Muley

    If anyone can rotate and resize these I'd really appreciate it. I'll post a pic of me laying down just to show size, I am 6'2 Shot at 45 yards GOD is good!
  7. davidkucharik

    December and January Success

    Is there any one who can resize and rotate?
  8. davidkucharik

    December and January Success

    January, 2 days after the snow. just to show size comparison, i'll post one with me laying down. i'm 6'2
  9. davidkucharik

    Coues deer capes

    yes, he is here in Tucscon, on broadway
  10. davidkucharik


    Empire Ranch has a ton!!! They aren't native to that area, but there is some kind of competition with horses and quail every year. They let the birds go and if you get them after the competition, before the coyotes do, there is quail and chukar.
  11. davidkucharik

    Dove for dinner

    Does anyone notice a difference in taste? The ones further north taste a lot different from the ones more southward. Although I wasn't too keen on the ones from Marana, soy plants kinda jaded the taste.
  12. there is a pair of them that hang out off 83. PM me and ill let ya know where. I dove hunt there and always see them.
  13. davidkucharik

    Coues deer capes

    tanned or not?? If you are tanning them yourself, try Dickman's. A lot of people wont skin their deer, and they have Dickman do it, they get thrown away.