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  1. COA

    Side Hustle

    I am curious if anyone on here has a side gig outside of there regular job to generate more income. I'm looking for extra gold coins on the side and I am open to ideas. Well..Anything outside of uber that's not my thing. I'm in construction so I'm done at 3p and want to make some more $$$ to pay for whatever. Feel free to share ideas... thanks.
  2. COA

    Interesting Buck

    Get him!
  3. COA

    Interesting Buck

    The socks are cool. I'll take the hide!!
  4. COA

    Interesting Buck

  5. That's one was leaving the country. What range were you getting when you got close?
  6. COA

    Favorite dead head

    No dead heads here. I've picke up a couple coues and muley sheds.
  7. COA

    What is your dream/bucket list hunt?

    OTC archery coues in AZ! Pretty dreamy would love to break 115 mark
  8. COA

    Dewalt, Milwaukee drills

    Nature girl?
  9. Where's that dude from Alaska. He had a mountain of knowledge I was hoping he would chime in. I have cheap rifles but would love a custom. I spend more on my archery habit only because I bank on the resale of a year old bow being half the cost 6 months after it comes out.
  10. COA

    2A - trophy unit?

    They all look the same. Especially 2a
  11. COA

    What the heck..

    Lark is the unknown creature .. and CWT is the mooose. He's coming back guys... this is it.
  12. Part of it is some of those guys that live there want to grow them deer trophy size and then take them when they are at their peak. They don't like flatlanders coming up and shooting 90" coues bucks near there spots/houses. And the other half feed them illegally. My grandparents own a cabin up there and there was a good size black bear living among the locals. Pretty sure they never connected the dots feeding deer will draw in the apex killers and then you can't let little Johnny run the streets/hills any more because you wanted to feed and name a feking deer.
  13. COA

    Game and Fish screw up

    Still no return mail for me. I think the post office maid a boo boo or I got a dang ol tag.
  14. COA

    Leftover results

    This was he first year I did not get a leftover. Interesting
  15. COA

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    Yes please.