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  1. bigbuckclub

    How do you “close” a mountain? - Unit 33

    That's good news. Better not hike a trail! lol
  2. bigbuckclub

    How do you “close” a mountain? - Unit 33

    I have some cameras in a few different areas I'd like to try and recover, but not willing to risk this either. Bummer.
  3. bigbuckclub

    12AW Road Closures

    PROHIBITIONS: 1. Being on the road or trail. 36 C.F.R $ 261.5a(e); 36 C.F.R $ 261.55(a). The only prohibition is being on the road or trail, so you should be able to hike into the burn area or drive any of the roads NOT listed as closed without any problem... Am I understanding this correctly?
  4. bigbuckclub

    12AW Road Closures

    I didn't pay close enough attention around other fires, but is this normal procedure? I could have sworn that after the wallow fire, by the fall hunts, it was all open... Any insight?
  5. bigbuckclub

    Quiet on the Kaibab

  6. bigbuckclub

    Found a good one and got some footage

    I think he is 95"ish. Shooter for me if I had a tag.
  7. bigbuckclub

    Tough archery hunt

    Wow! Stud!
  8. bigbuckclub

    Tough archery hunt

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. bigbuckclub

    2020 archery buck

    That's a great buck! Congrats! Crazy that he gave you a second shot!
  10. bigbuckclub

    good bull

    The point I was making was more that for the stakes of a Raffle or Auction tag, it's gotta be extremely stressful. The bar/precedent has been set so high that if you are guiding that tag, the bull better be well over 400". Just crazy. It's not like guiding elk hunts under normal circumstances where 360"-375"+ would be a heck of a bull for most clients. I know people who guide and they enjoy it. Just for me, I like hunting with my family and close friends... it's more about that than maximizing my time in the field or trying to earn a living at it.
  11. bigbuckclub

    good bull

    I counted dang near 25 people on screen at one time. Wild scene. Making a living that way has got to really take the enjoyment out of it. One heck of a shot though. First shot was perfect at 960. I was impressed.
  12. bigbuckclub

    2020 Archery OTC Coues

    Awesome story. Goes to show that just when you think your plan is going to make for a crap hunt, you push through it - adjust - and reap the benefits. Some of the best bucks I've been apart of have been a result of Plan A going to heck really quick and adjusting on the fly. That's a sweet velvet buck. Congrats.
  13. bigbuckclub

    Looking for landscaper

    It's very much a "you get what you pay for" type of industry. As mentioned above, anyone good should be slammed with work right now. I'm in Tucson, and booking Jan 2021 right now. Make sure they are licensed and insured. A lot of times, the quality of the bid process is a reflection of how the project is likely to go. If they have their process tight and get you bids when they say they will, I would trust that. Also, they should have a couple of past customers to provide for references. I know I have a few that would be happy to speak with prospective customers of mine.
  14. bigbuckclub

    2020 Mexico Coues Video

    That was awesome. Very high quality! Can't wait to see the full length version.
  15. bigbuckclub

    2020 archery coues harvest x2 video

    That was great. Well done!