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  1. bigbuckclub

    Left Over List

    You did answer your own question... but I'd prefer that. It'd be even better if a buck killed in January didn't prevent you from drawing in the fall.
  2. bigbuckclub

    Left Over List

    I think tools like GoHunt are helping non-residents realize they can draw a tag immediately... especially since our application deadline is later than other states. When they strike out on other states, they snag an easy to draw unit like the 36's. Is there a way to see application #'s for res vs non-res?
  3. bigbuckclub

    Left Over List

    I think it will probably mean that archery OTC gets busier.
  4. bigbuckclub

    Crazy Luck

  5. bigbuckclub

    Left Over List

  6. bigbuckclub

    Crazy Luck

    Congrats to your buddy.
  7. bigbuckclub

    2nd hunt in 36a

    I don't think much has changed in the last 5 years. I've hunted it off and on for the last 20 years - mostly for Javelina. Access to some areas have been blocked off with locked gates over the last few years, but other than that, illegal traffic seems about the same.
  8. bigbuckclub

    One of those years . . .

    Defying the odds big time it appears. Congrats on the hot run! I haven't been drawn for anything since 2016. OTC archery for me again and I get to tag along on some hunts that my family drew.
  9. bigbuckclub

    Max Point Question

    In your example, if max was 31 points and 20 of those tags were drawn, then the remaining 4 tags would be randomly drawn out of the pool of people with 30 points. After that, the remaining 96 tags go into the random draw.
  10. bigbuckclub

    Tag Numbers are Released

    Congrats! My parents drew the early hunt and either my cousin or his girlfriend also drew it... so as long as work cooperates, I'll be up there in October as well!
  11. bigbuckclub

    Tag Numbers are Released

    It would be tag #82 for the particular hunt you drew.
  12. bigbuckclub

    bars, gyms, theaters , tubing ect

    Came to say this. An ENT, dermatologist, or orthopedic surgeon (for example) that has had hours cut or been furloughed (including nurses that work in those areas) are not the people who are equipped to take care of COVID patients.
  13. bigbuckclub

    bars, gyms, theaters , tubing ect

    I think this is a fair point. People treating sick Covid patients wouldn't be caught dead wearing a cloth mask or even a surgical mask for that matter - yet the recommendation is that we wear them. My follow up question would be... that if the benefit of mask wearing is only very minor - whatever that means - why wouldn't you wear one?
  14. bigbuckclub

    bars, gyms, theaters , tubing ect

    I'm glad a lot of folks on here don't seem to know many people who have had it. I also don't believe the government has the right to pick and choose who gets shut down and who doesn't. In just the last two weeks, I know of 9 people that have had it... all effected in different ways. A friend of my fiance that was one year ahead of her in med school got it helping these patients and spent a week in the ICU. She is very healthy and 32 years old. It is a serious thing. On that note, my fiance just finished her internal medicine residency and has been treating these patients... I'm worried about her and her colleagues. And I feel for the doctors who may be put in a position to pick and choose who might get or not get critical resources or someone who needs an ICU doesn't have a bed in an ICU. ICU capacity is the only acceptable reason to shut anything down. That narrative went away quickly the first time when AZ hospitals were not even close to capacity and we should have quickly reopened - until we were in a position similar to the one we are now. Just my point of view. I also own and operate my own company and felt the impact of work shortages a couple months ago, so I'm not unaware of what that is like either. After a month of things being pretty slow and stressful, we are now busier than we have ever been. I do feel responsible for the livelihood of my 14 employees and thankfully - so far - we've been okay. We've worked hard to make that happen, and luckily we were tagged as "essential". Can't imagine the stress and anxiety of small business owners who own businesses that are "nonessential". I don't blame them for staying open. It's up to their patrons/customers to decide whether or not to do business with them. Now about this mask stuff - I really don't understand the push back here. If wearing a mask can help this thing even a little... What's the harm? I don't want my business to close, I want my employees to earn full paychecks, I want to return to normal ASAP, I don't want my fiance to get sick, and I want her to be able to give every single one of her patients the highest level of care & the best chance to survive any illness - this one included. I wear a bandana and pull it up when I'm around people and leave it down when I'm not. I wash my hands more frequently as well. It's fvcking easy... Oh - and for those of you unfamiliar with what the 'Crisis' standards of care are you can see the definition in the far right column below:
  15. bigbuckclub

    thoughts on putting up stands early

    Had a buddy a few years ago have guys roll into the tank he was hunting... it had a road to it... and sat and had lunch for an hour while he sat there. 10mins after they left, deer were coming into the tank. I think in some areas they are just used to it.