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  1. mtuck

    WTS/WTT: 7mm Rem Mag Ammo

    I'll take it. PM inbound.
  2. mtuck

    Leica 2000b crf Rangefinder MINT

    PM sent.
  3. No worries wildwoody. I know you were just kidding. I was just trying to explain my situation. I remember to hit you up if I ever get hunt in 22.
  4. mtuck

    My Boy's first coues.....

    2 beautiful deer! Great job for you and your son!
  5. mtuck

    They're up-archery bull elk in 7W!

    2 cow tags for the Oct. 18 hunt in 7W. First elk hunt for me, can't wait for the fall.
  6. I've always planned on scouting but since I live in Tucson (5+ hours away from 7W) I was hoping to get some help with some general areas. Between working a full-time job (not counting mandatory overtime and on-call) plus 3 busy kids, my available time to scout is limited and I wanted to try and focus the 1 or 2 trips I may be able to take on areas that had some potential.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone. I've got my first scouting trip planned with a quite few areas to check out. I'm very excited about this hunt and can't wait to get up there and start looking over the area. Good luck to all those with tags.
  8. Thanks for the help lancetkenyon. Good luck on your hunt.
  9. Thanks! Are you sure you want to give away your honey hole on a public forum?
  10. Well, now I've done it. I got drawn for mid-Oct cow elk tag. I'm looking to stock the freezer with some delicious meat. Now the problem is, I know almost nothing of the 7W GMU. I'm starting to dig through the maps but I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I'm not looking for people to give up their honey holes, but I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. Alrighty fellas. I got a hit on my credit card. Looks like I'm headed back to 34A for a Coues hunt (Oct 26 - Nov 1). I'd like to maybe get together with anyone interested and do some scouting. My schedule right now does not permit any overnight trips but I can do daytime trips. I work 4 days a week (10 hours shifts) so I always have at least 1 weekday off every week. Let me know if anybody wants to get together and either discuss or go out an scout. This will only be my second year hunting Coues, so I'm still learning a ton and looking for any advice/help anyone is willing to give. Thanks, ~mtuck
  12. Hey broadhead, sorry to dig up an old post but I wanted to check and see if you ever found a scouting partner. I had a successful Coues rifle hunt in 34A last year and put in for it again. I'm a relative newbie when it comes to scouting and I'd love to get out with someone to learn more and see if I can have a better hunt this year. Let me know if you are still looking for someone in the area. I live on the southeast side of town and day trips to the area are easily done. Let me know. Thanks.
  13. mtuck

    A Few First's

    Great job on doing all these firsts! Love the last picture.
  14. I got bit pretty hard by the virus on this hunt and I'm already planning next year's hunt. I had no idea how satisfying it was to complete a hunt like this.
  15. Great story and great job for all three of you. Congratulations proud Papa!