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  1. Gthor


    I think that you are my new best friend!
  2. Gthor


    No, it is the GS...
  3. Sold pending funds.... Thanks!!
  4. Hello Yes, the air is cold. It does have a lil issue with the VCS tracking control. It is intermittent and our mechanic checked it out and says it does not affect the vehicle, it just activates at times. There is short in the radio amplifier. Thank you!
  5. 2001 Silver Toyota Sequoia Limited for Sale $3,200 179,000 miles Good Condition 4WD Moon Roof
  6. Gthor

    Last Two Lab Puppies Left

    These are beautiful puppies, and great people to deal with!! We are counting down the days till we can pick up our new little girl!
  7. Gthor

    1992 F-150 4x4

    Sold pending funds.... Thanks!!!
  8. Gthor

    1992 F-150 4x4

    Updated with new price
  9. Gthor

    1992 F-150 4x4

    Almost forgot the most important part, This truck comes with a Coueswhitetail.com sticker!!
  10. Gthor

    1992 F-150 4x4

    Sold.... CouesWhitetail.com is the best!!
  11. Gthor

    Bowtech Liberty VFT Bow for sale

    Bless you HuntHarder!!