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  1. DirtyHarry

    Misc. cleaning out the closet items

  2. DirtyHarry

    Absolute banger Saturday night BBQ special $20 Tucson

    Pour one for hoghntr, then slam him for me. ☠️
  3. Vintage Weber, even spotless inside. Everything in pic included, I am not a huge fan of liquor or mesquite, more of a beer & apple guy. $20 East Tucson
  4. $400 in Tucson, 500 rnds
  5. DirtyHarry

    S&W sw9ve $300 Tucson

  6. DirtyHarry

    S&W sw9ve $300 Tucson

    300 dollars, Tucson.
  7. DirtyHarry

    Toyota 4x4

    Has this truck sold? Pics available? You could post that on Denver craigslist for $8k with only 84k miles, that truck is the best recipe for Rocky Mountain mining trails. Sorry to be the wanker who says it, but that low of miles on a rust free desert truck, you have a gem.
  8. Broadcasting that it's for a disabled vet pursuing a hobby is sheer desperation, while looking for handouts. Justbootthings...google it. Edit: you said "sell" and are willing to pay, carry on
  9. The plea for free stuff under guise of helping vets is played out, quit being cheap. #justbootthings
  10. DirtyHarry

    4Runner for Sale

    Valid point
  11. $20, 4x28 unmarked mfg scope with duplex reticle and all the mounts. Guessing crystal straight out of Prague, but not selling due to any shortfalls. Came off a retro AR15 like Sgt Barnes carried & Ive been goofing off with the open sights as designed.
  12. DirtyHarry

    Reloading Brass Various Calibers

    You were supposed to say Im in Tucson come grab the .38/.357 brass.
  13. DirtyHarry

    4Runner for Sale

    Trading that machine for a Jeep, Im sorry for your loss.
  14. DirtyHarry

    Reloading Brass Various Calibers

    Are you in Phoenix?