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  1. Jesushunt

    Low elevation bears

    Anthem desert hills carefree
  2. Jesushunt

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    Better then my 2012 experience with a desert hills Taxyderm I want a full hide from a deer and all got back was a square hide with 1/4 of the hair missing and a bad smell that take 2 years to get it so that was $300 for my lesson to never take anything else to this guy
  3. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

  4. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

    Not sure yet we’ll see when tomatoes get ready
  5. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

    I never see them that big before
  6. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

    What kind of fish is this? It’s 12 inches long and he saw like 40 or more when fishing for white bass
  7. Jesushunt

    Bartlett or Pleasant

    Bartlett was good today !! my 4 year old daughter was catching on drop shot with roboworms
  8. Jesushunt

    Monsoon Pics

    7th ave and Figsprins rd in new river
  9. Jesushunt

    Monsoon Pics

  10. Jesushunt

    Bartlett lake

    Just left it’s kinda low but plenty of fish nothing real big but fun to catch them
  11. Jesushunt

    2021 Card Hits?

    Due to the COVID And the record of new applications the draw be until July 30th
  12. Jesushunt

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    It’s that lady with the Cooper mine?
  13. Jesushunt

    Saddle Donkeys

    My neighbor got few from Florence jail they are ok size and she ride them everywhere and they are trained to pull a cart I believe she say they are less then $500 each already trained
  14. Jesushunt

    looking to buy 4000watt generator

    I have a Honda EG 5000X for $450