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  1. Jesushunt

    Wtb used horse shoes

    I have a bunch in new river free no charge I’m thinking 8 boxes or more
  2. Jesushunt

    Saw this on tv yesterday. Deer breeding. Monsters

    Oh wait Not different then pay a outfitters to take you there and tell you when and what animal to shoot
  3. Jesushunt

    Free meat

    It’s gone thx
  4. Jesushunt

    Free meat

  5. Jesushunt

    Free meat

    Any buddy with dogs wants a bunch of beef trims for free it’s some bones and a bunch of meat with fat its close to 200 hundred pounds located in new river it’s free just come and get it before it goes to the dumpster
  6. Jesushunt

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    My friend will take it where are you located?
  7. Jesushunt

    Wtb large rifle magnum primers

    It’s a lady on desert hills she have some last week Granny's Got Guns LLC
  8. Jesushunt

    Valley Soaking

    Nothing in new river
  9. Jesushunt

    Don't let your dog eat raisins!!

    Next time just feed some yellow mustard make sure you do it outside my Neigbor vet did it to my dog and he was with the empty stomach in like 10 seconds after that
  10. Jesushunt

    RIP 4A

    Green energy Make life better it don’t take life’s away lol
  11. Jesushunt

    Low elevation bears

    Anthem desert hills carefree
  12. Jesushunt

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    Better then my 2012 experience with a desert hills Taxyderm I want a full hide from a deer and all got back was a square hide with 1/4 of the hair missing and a bad smell that take 2 years to get it so that was $300 for my lesson to never take anything else to this guy
  13. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

  14. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

    Not sure yet we’ll see when tomatoes get ready
  15. Jesushunt

    Lake pleasant

    I never see them that big before