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  1. 602Huntr

    Zeiss 15x56 and Leica geovid 10x42’s

    No pics?
  2. 602Huntr

    Vortex Razor HD 12x50

    How much for the 12x50? I have a cousin who may be interested...
  3. 602Huntr

    Leupold BX5 Santiam 15x56

    I looked at Zeiss, Swaro, Meopta and the Santiam all 15’s... Swaro and Zeiss were, in my opinion, hands down better for my eyes... I ended up going Zeiss because there wasn’t enough difference between them and swaro to justify the extra several hundred dollars... just my opinion... I spent along time researching them and looking through them...
  4. I am selling some brand new, unopened Viper HD 15x50 binoculars. Price is $525. Thanks
  5. 602Huntr

    Meopta Meopro and MeoStar Binocular Sale

    Any open box deals on the new 15x56 HD swaros?
  6. 602Huntr

    Javalina unit 20b

  7. 602Huntr

    Javalina unit 20b

    Looking for some advice on where to start scouting for my rifle javalina hunt in February. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  8. 602Huntr

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Any luck?
  9. 602Huntr

    Late Season Unit 1

    I have never hunted unit 1 but I know it’s a good unit.. look up randy newberg post rut elk hunting he has some good info. I look for secluded areas nobody wants to go and I go there for late season bull. I’ve never used any elk calls on the late hunt and I don’t know anybody who has. Good luck on your hunt. Hunt hard!
  10. 602Huntr

    6a bull rifle nov 30-dec 6

    Check out the schnebly hill area... to the east
  11. 602Huntr

    7 East/west

    I haven’t heard anything from 7 West
  12. 602Huntr

    7 East/west

    Nice! Thank you!
  13. 602Huntr

    7 East/west

    Good morning, just wondering if someone could let me know if 7 East/west is getting hit with a lot of snow already... the news is vague so just hoping someone who lives nearby would be able to let me know. Thanks in advance
  14. 602Huntr

    Regs are out

    Yeah if you have time.. late rifle bull elk