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  1. What year are these? Or when and where were they purchased? Thanks
  2. 602Huntr

    Gen 1 Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85mm

    Priced down to $700
  3. Gen 1 Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85mm In very good Condition. Glass is clean with no marks or scratches. Spotter just came back from Vortex. $725. I’m located in the west valley.
  4. 602Huntr

    18b Antelope 2021

    I have the antelope rifle tag that opens up next week… wondering if there are any 18b antelope archers out there that may be done and have some advice and possible some places in mind that would help out… I know there are only a few tags but thought I’d take a shot. Thanks
  5. 602Huntr


    I’ll try that tactic out I appreciate it. I usually drive to points then get out and glass. Or drive to areas and hike into points to get away from roads.
  6. 602Huntr


    Thanks for the info I appreciate it... I was out there yesterday and it was super dry with some burn in there.. didn’t go all the way to the ranch but it didn’t look promising... I’m a glasser and didn’t see much but mule deer ...