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  1. 602Huntr

    12B guide

    Duwane Adams
  2. 602Huntr

    Garmin GPS 64s

    GARMIN GPS 64s... has a tempered glass with a nick on it but the screen underneath is good to go... comes with a Carabiner and an extra carabiner... has original box and papers inside... located in west Phoenix... $215...
  3. 602Huntr


    PM sent for the December tips
  4. 602Huntr

    Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

    I found a good bull On the ranch... I’ll PM you!
  5. 602Huntr

    Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

    Nope he got skunked... hunted hard but couldn’t find the elk...
  6. 602Huntr

    Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

    I appreciate it... I’ll relay the messages... he’s hunting hard but no luck
  7. 602Huntr

    Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

    I’ll let him know thanks!
  8. 602Huntr

    Unit 10 Cow Elk Help

    I have a been a buddy who is on the cow elk hunt in unit 10 who needs some help. He is north of Pica Camp and hasn’t found any elk... he’s been glassing and hitting it hard with nothing to show for... any help would be appreciated...
  9. 602Huntr

    Vortex Razor HD 12x50

    How much for the 12x50? I have a cousin who may be interested...
  10. 602Huntr

    Leupold BX5 Santiam 15x56

    I looked at Zeiss, Swaro, Meopta and the Santiam all 15’s... Swaro and Zeiss were, in my opinion, hands down better for my eyes... I ended up going Zeiss because there wasn’t enough difference between them and swaro to justify the extra several hundred dollars... just my opinion... I spent along time researching them and looking through them...
  11. I am selling some brand new, unopened Viper HD 15x50 binoculars. Price is $525. Thanks
  12. 602Huntr

    Meopta Meopro and MeoStar Binocular Sale

    Any open box deals on the new 15x56 HD swaros?
  13. 602Huntr

    Javalina unit 20b