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  1. amack26

    Hoyt Defiant 34 Harvest Brown 50-60lbs.

    Ttt price drop $450 full package $350 bare bow
  2. amack26

    Hoyt Defiant 34 Harvest Brown 50-60lbs.

    Sent me a PM Id like to keep it all together but would be willing for the right price. ttt price drop, $475 full package $375 bare bow
  3. amack26

    Hoyt Defiant 34 Harvest Brown 50-60lbs.

    ttt price drop $500 for the package, $400 bare bow.
  4. Looking to sell my wife's bow, I got it new a few years ago and it has been used maybe a hand full of times. The riser and limbs have no scratches, its a number 2 cam and can adjust from 27-29 inches. It comes with 6 Easton Storm arrows cut to 29 3/8" carbon to carbon one is a bare shaft. It has a Truglo 5 pin sight, Trophy Taker smackdown pro rest, trophy ridge 8 in stabilizer , and a Hoyt 2 piece 4 arrow quiver with a couple of foam inserts. I will also include a Spot Hogg wise guy release with the leather strap. I would like to get $550 for the everything. I am located in Phoenix and can meet up most places around the valley.
  5. amack26

    Swarovski 15x56 (sold )

    Great Binoculars, I have a set and compared them with the HD's and the difference is negligible. GLWS
  6. amack26

    Mechanic Wanted

    Happy Friday All, I live in central phoenix and am in need of a mechanic who can replace the head gasket and oil cooler on a 2014 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo with the 3.6 in it. I have a buddy who would typically do it but he is pretty busy. Any referral or assistance would be appreciated!
  7. amack26

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    Decoys sold
  8. amack26

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    Sold pending meet up this weekend
  9. amack26

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    TTT Price Drop $120 obo
  10. amack26

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    ttt price drop $140 obo
  11. amack26

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    Still for sale, Tried charging the battery for the mojo and it is dead, when plugged directly into the decoy with the battery attached it spins it just will not hold a charge. I looked online and a 6 volt rechargeable battery is $25 at cabelas. To adjust for price I am dropping to $150 obo for all of it.
  12. amack26

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    I am cleaning out my garage and have 10 new decoys (3 Mallard drake,4 widgen, 2 teal, and a pintail), 2 older mallard hens, 2 red head mallard butts up, a lucky duck air Mallard, and a baby mojo Hen. I will also include extra rigging. I have rigged these for shallow water (3-4 feet) with a 2 ounce trolling weight for still water. I have not used the decoys, I used the Lucky Duck twice and the mojo 4 times. Battery and all of the mounting equipment are all included. I will include a carrying bag and extra rigging material if you decide you wanted to re-rig them. Ideally I would like to sell it as a package deal. Sold.
  13. amack26

    Over the counter Elk rifle tags near St Johns?

    To be honest the OTC tags aren't a high success rate hunt. There are guys that get out every year and take some nice elk but they have put in their time to figure out the areas and when the elk are in there. If you have filled your other tags or are just building up points, go for it.