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  1. dennis j mahony

    Free tire

    I will take it. can you call me? 951)288-0576 thanks dennis
  2. dennis j mahony

    ***SOLD***WTS: 30-06, 12 gauge ammo

    I will take seconds if needed
  3. dennis j mahony

    bobcat,mountain lion and bear

    Members, there is a proposal to eliminate the hunting of bobcats,mountain lions and bears to go in effect in 2023. We have until jan 30 to voice our concerns. you can respond on the azgfd web under " guidelines/ recommendations". We must make ourselves heard loud and clear.
  4. dennis j mahony

    WTB, Remington XP-100

    I bought one a couple of yrs ago on guns international
  5. dennis j mahony

    Brand New Leupold VX-6 3-18x50 Firedot CDS

    what is the mdl # on the box?
  6. dennis j mahony

    Leupold VX5 HD 5-20x52 CDS

    is this still available? you can text me @ 951)288-0576
  7. dennis j mahony

    Unit 33 Hunting

    you're a good guy. sometimes you just need a general direction.
  8. dennis j mahony

    Wanted electrician/trailer mechanic

    I also ran into a bad breaker
  9. dennis j mahony

    Any browning A5 Belgium made for sale

    try guns international
  10. dennis j mahony

    travel trailer

    no pilot light on this one. switch inside trailer. I replaced the circuit board but that wasn't it. it's a 2018 winnebago
  11. dennis j mahony

    travel trailer

  12. dennis j mahony

    travel trailer

    my water heater doesn't work on propane. I live in show low but I can take it anywhere. they rip you up here. I believe it's electrical.
  13. dennis j mahony

    travel trailer

    does anyone know a good place to take your trailer. a lot of them aren't that great but they charge like they are.
  14. dennis j mahony


    v6 or 4cyl
  15. browning takedown is number one, but they are not cheap