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  1. uscbigdawg

    7 mm bullets

    I’ll take the Bergers
  2. uscbigdawg

    FS - Tikka T3x Stocks, Trigger guard, mags, etc

    Down to one magazine left
  3. uscbigdawg

    SOLD Razor 12x50 binos FS

    Please PM pics, location and your best price without the case/harness
  4. uscbigdawg

    Rem 700 .223 with leupold scope

    If he’s still interested in scope, I might be a buyer on the rifle
  5. uscbigdawg

    FS - Tikka T3x Stocks, Trigger guard, mags, etc

    Short action caliber. Remember that Tikka doesnt make a long or short action. One action. Different bolt stops
  6. Bought the rifle new to harvest the action. Never fired a shot. $100 takes it all
  7. uscbigdawg

    Vortex Vulture HD 15x56

    Still available?
  8. uscbigdawg

    Found One, WTB, Rem 700 SA ADL Take Off Stock

    If looking, I have one
  9. uscbigdawg

    WTB Rangefinder

    I have an older one Id part with for like $50-60 cash
  10. Pics sent yesterday
  11. Shot in the dark, but is it available?
  12. Barrel is gone. On the stock, bottom metal, factory rings and 5 round mag, let's say...$100? Original post updated. I'll do a better deal for a junior hunter/shooter.