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    Chasing grey ghost with a stick and string.

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    2019 archery deer

    Congrats on a sweet buck!

    Draw Question

    Thank you!

    Draw Question

    I am moving temporarily for work but I will be gone for 3 years. Not sure what the criteria is for how long me being away makes me a non resident? If I own a house here during the time of me being gone would I still be considered a resident? These arent things I've thought about so thank you for bringing that up.

    Draw Question

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. I didnt want to miss out!

    Draw Question

    I am fairly new to this whole draw process. I drew a deer tag through the draw this year so I understand that process. I have read the most recent elk and antelope regulations and have found that obtaining a bonus point only is pretty confusing to me. I will be moving overseas for a few years and am interested in obtain bonus points only for elk over the next few years. My question is can you obtain a bonus point only through the online draw system? Or do you have to submit a paper application?


    Beautiful Ram congrats!!!

    My 2019 archery buck

    Great buck! Congrats!


    Have you thought about a Mission? They are very reasonably priced and shoot lights out! They are also crazy adjustable. I bought my wife one 2 years ago and she shoots better than me on most days out to 40 yards or so.

    Pre fletched arrows question

    I shoot gold tip hunter 340 spine cut to 28.75. I have had good luck with just regular blazer vanes and 50 grain inserts with a slight right helical for mechanicals. I really like the blazer heat vanes in a 4 vane configuration with the slightest right helical for fixed blades, also with a 50 grain insert. You can get a dozen hunter shafts on amazon for a fairly decent price, I paid less than $70 for my last dozen.
  10. MTNSGT

    Pre fletched arrows question

    I have had very little luck with prefletched arrows and broadhead tuning. I have gone to doing all of my own and can get pretty repeatable results. It's not hard but does take some time to get what you like dialed in.
  11. MTNSGT

    Custom Gunstocks

    Good luck with your search!
  12. MTNSGT

    Custom Gunstocks

    Have you thought about giving Boyd's gubstocks a call? I believe they do custom work. I have a Boyd's on my rifle and love it.
  13. MTNSGT

    Wild Game Processing-Tucson

    There are tons of YouTube videos on how to break down cuts. It's actually very easy. Pick yourself up a grinder from harbor freight and have some fun.
  14. MTNSGT

    Winners Choice Strings

    I have winners choice on my Halon and they are nice. If you dont mind dealing with a little twisting while they break in they seem to hold up pretty well. I shoot on average 3-500 arrows a month and I have had mine on for almost a year now.
  15. MTNSGT

    A Story of Firsts

    Thanks everybody for the positive feed back! Unfortunately this will be my last season in Arizona for a few years. I'm already looking to get back here and continue chasing these deer.