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  1. Cmrem700

    Maven vs Swarovski

    Thanks for that. I had a set of Swarovski 15s and sold them for the 12el. I miss the 15s and was thinking about getting them again or the 18x mavens. I never had the chance to compare the 12s against the 15s.
  2. Cmrem700

    Maven vs Swarovski

    Thanks for the info. Just wondering how many people on here would feel like they are missing out not using 18x over 15x.
  3. Cmrem700

    Maven vs Swarovski

    Has anyone tried the 18x56 mavens and the Swarovski 15x56 side by side? If so please tell.
  4. Cmrem700


    What is the belt size?
  5. Cmrem700

    Unique Elk

    No😩. It was Wyoming. I got his younger brother too. A few years before that one. One hour grew out forward, it’s a weird one to.
  6. Cmrem700

    Unique Elk

  7. Cmrem700

    Unique Elk

  8. Cmrem700

    Unique Elk

    I think I got his brother?
  9. Cmrem700

    No Longer Available

    Now that’s funny!
  10. Cmrem700

    Late season 7e for Elk

    I had a great time in 7e. I did have a shot at 2 smaller bulls opening day and chose to pass. I have no regrets (got a nice 6x6 in October) the wind for the first 3 days was kind of a bummer. I wanted to do more glassing but still hunted instead. I was into elk the first 3 days didn’t get anther shot opportunity thou. Monday was a beautiful day nice and calm and 8 degrees, only hunted half the day. Packed up and headed back to norther Minnesota. I did thank someone for giving me tips through a PM. I would like to thank everyone for all the info. Miss it already a want to go back! Never hunted that type of country before and the elk sure seam to behave a hole lot different than I’m use to.
  11. Cmrem700

    2018 wyoming elk hunt

    Wow! Very nice 👍🏻
  12. Cmrem700

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Should I just use binos on a tripod? Should I pack a spotting scope? If there isn’t any snow would they still be up high?
  13. Cmrem700

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Sent A-Z diver a pm
  14. Cmrem700

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Thanks for the info. Is there enough dead wood around for a wood stove? Or should I bring LP?
  15. Cmrem700

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Thanks for the reply. I have a bull tag and was looking at a area about 10 miles north of the mountain to start my search. From google earth it looks like there isn’t much for tree cover anywhere below ( it never looks like what I think it will).