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  1. RemingtonCountry

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    Just received my Browning Max Long Range 30 Nosler, topped with the new Sig Sauer SIERRA3BDX 6.5-20X52. Working up loads for it, looking at the 210 ABLR's, 190 LRX's, or the 210 HVLD's.
  2. RemingtonCountry


    G_E_E, I'm right there with you. This gives me hope for my late bull tag down there!
  3. RemingtonCountry

    Wasatch Mountains Utah- Elk? Any CWT Member hunt there

    Breeze, PM sent!!!!!
  4. RemingtonCountry

    Elk Back Pack

    Yoshi, the Approach FX 2200 will be better for you. The solid 2200 is made from Cordura fabric, which means its quite a bit louder than the KXO-32 material that is featured on the FX 2200!
  5. RemingtonCountry

    Elk Back Pack

    The reason for the discounted Summit packs on MidwayUSA and Camofire or really anywhere is because Badlands has discontinued the Summit pack. They are replacing it with the new Vario pack, it is a modular pack system, having two different sized frames and 4 different packs that you can attach to it. This makes it capable of going on a day hunt with a 1800 CI pack, then attaching the 6500 CI pack for a deep backcountry hunt the next day. Also, Badlands is going to all YKK zippers on apparel and packs in 2019, so their "zipper" issues will disappear! (hopefully)
  6. RemingtonCountry

    30 Nosler Info

    Dang it guys, you're tempting me! My 7-Mag is a Remington Model 700 Sendero set up with a Swarovski Z8i on it, dialed to 800 yards with a 145 gr Barnes LRX. I'm really just looking for a larger caliber to tinker with, build a load for, and get it dialed. The goal is to push a 215 grain bullet over 3,000 fps, and the RUM and 30 Nos can do that. I have access to brass, so I figured why not the 30 Nosler?
  7. RemingtonCountry

    30 Nosler Info

    Looking at purchasing a new rifle, debating between the 30 Nosler and 28 Nosler. I know the 28 is hotter and can go all around, but I have a 7-Mag and I would like to jump up to the 30 caliber for elk and moose. Anyone have any experience or know of someone with experience reloading this caliber?
  8. RemingtonCountry

    Sig Sauer BDX

    Just received my Sierra3 6.5-20x52mm scope and KILO 2400 rangefinder. Looking forward to mounting the scope on my 30 Nosler. From the videos i've watched and contacts within the industry, it is most definitely a game changer. Thinking about putting it on my 7-Mag in the meantime and messing around with it! As far as I know, it is legal in all states excluding Idaho at this time. New laws are passed in every state, so it could change as we go forward.
  9. RemingtonCountry

    Rifle for my wife

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the Tikka T3 Lite, especially in 7mm-08. That caliber can handle most, if all NA species. Light recoil, and a tackdriver! Put a good scope on it and it'll do anything you ask of it!