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  1. Duggaboy

    New P&Y world record bighorn

    And awesome.
  2. Duggaboy

    CC Hit

    This topic is awesome.
  3. Duggaboy

    Mormon Lake Lodge

    Any body stay at Mormon Lake Lodge recently? Trying to make plans if i get drawn for elk in 5b. Clean, expensive, restaurants? Thanks.
  4. Duggaboy

    Arrow tree

    Time to start another arrow tree.
  5. Duggaboy

    Great Sonora coues hunt

    Awesome, just awesome.
  6. Duggaboy

    33/37 Archery Hunters

    Try the gap road behind Oracle. 3 miles past the gate and glass west. Lots of pigs.
  7. Duggaboy

    Senior trip to Mx

    Awesome, just awesome.
  8. Duggaboy

    Condolences to Blue Ridge Faithful

    R.I.P. coach.
  9. Duggaboy

    December and January Success

    Great job!
  10. Duggaboy

    My OTC deer

    Amazing buck! Congrats.
  11. Duggaboy

    San Carlos buck

    Mega stud! Great buck.
  12. Duggaboy

    Hunting Report ?

  13. Duggaboy

    Hunting Report ?

    So you think I'm a "he"?
  14. Duggaboy

    Hunting Report ?

    With no rut this year, game and fish should reduce tags for this year.
  15. Duggaboy

    Hunting Report ?

    Bummer. Low recruitment of fawns next yr.