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    12b west early hunt

    Ok on Sunday two days after hunt started started we were seeing does and small bucks around water every day but we need to do something different because Jason my oldest son was sitting tank so mike and I took off to look for a high vantage point to glass we get up on edge of canyon just south of camp near tooth pic ridge we picked a spot where deer were coming into unit from 12 a west first we spot six does coming through canyon we watch them take pics with phone scope then it’s about 5 pm Mike spots something shiny going through timber mike sais to me get on him dad any time you spot a single deer it’s almost always a buck I said to mike I couldn’t find him mike sais he’s using dark timber to move then it’s about 5.15 mike sais there he is and he’s moving fast I told mike he’s trying to catch up to the 6 does then mike sees him and sais I’m taking him and I said are sure because I asked him how big was he he 2x3 or better I said ok it’s your tag then next he sais I’m on him I said ok take tour time he ranged him 186 yards and dialed up his lepould 200 put on him pulled trigger said he didn’t go or down where did he go dad I said I wish you hadn’t done that he said done what I shoot before I could see what you were shooting at I never picked him up but mike was dead on him he had a little window made a perfect shot so we get down canyon and we start looking for deer mike screams out I found him he’s huge and get to him and I say to mike 2x2 2x3 Mike are you kidding me he’s wide I say he’s about 28 inch tall 3x3 well got him to coconino meat processing they get talking mike sais he wants to have him mounted he takes him to the taxidermist they measure him he’s just shy 36 inches,after taxing Jason he tells us he missed a big one couldn’t find hair blood nothing so he come to help and so work began it took us 4 hrs to haul him out it snowed on us that night.Monday came wind starting blowing dipped down to 17 degrees mike and I headed over to pigeon canyon didn’t see much but does small deer we tx Jason tell him we’re on way back and we’re going to make breakfast and Jason sais he had 30 deer at the tank at one time seen a lot small deer so then we head back out drop Jason off water tank head over to gunsight ridge and surrounding canyon really didn’t see much glassed surrounding area didn’t see much so it was 430 we started 25 mile trek back towards camp it gets dark we pick Jason up he tells us he missed another one at dark and I say to him how far was shot he sais about sixty yards I say how well so we go make dinner talk about day Jason counted something like 80 deer that day and said the deer drank all the water in the tank we wake up tues it’s 9 degrees and feels like 2 we make our coffe head out drop Jason off and tell him to put extra cloths on because wind going to blow we head out over toothpick ridge glass does small bucks but nothing worth pulling trigger so wensday comes jason hunts his tank still no big deer since Monday for him just up rode there was another drinker that I guy and his wife hunted never saw this before but this guy built a blind for his truck they put tarp cut trees down put in front of it never in my life have I seen this they hunted out of truck she took a small buck so Thursday comes we sit that same tank up higher on hill away from where he was we watched 40 or so deer come in through out day and mike takes off around 10 am to go get supply’s for camp and comes back about 2 pm we sit tank watch deer all day then about 5 pm Mike whispers buck I look over and I see this chocolate horned deer I take about 125 yard shot and drop him in his tracks so we take him to camp hang him then gut him have dinner Jason decides he’s going to tank where I shot my deer he takes off before sunrise and prepares to sit all day mike and I skin my deer head to Muly crazy and buy hats look at all the awesome deer there plus’s to talk deer with those guys is always nice so then we head back out meet up with Jason sit tank watch few deer walk in water first deer was a tall 2 point which watered around 3 pm earliest any buck watered deer seemed to be filtering in every day then Jason looked over said big bodied deer working through trees that’s last we seen of that deer then rest after noon was really weird the bucks did not hang around much the does were really spooky and so 5 o’clock came all shadows were gone and it was getting darker then at 515 this huge bodied 4x4 steps into view I tell Jason it’s a good one mike sais take him he makes shot deer goes in full circle and comes right towards us Jason points barrel shoot again blows leg off we go get Polaris load deer up and so our hunt ends we’re going to mount all three deer !
  2. 518Ranger

    12b west early hunt

  3. 518Ranger

    12b west early hunt

    Never have posted pics on here little help and I will post.
  4. 518Ranger

    12b west early hunt

    Well just got back from 12 west early hunt and it was epic never listen to negative talk about any unit always go in with positive attitude you’ll find success my two boys and myself all harvested really nice bucks mike harvested a really nice 3x3 35 inch great deer for mike my youngest my next oldest boy harvested a really nice typical 4x4 tall mule deer and I harvested a 4x4 with front drop tines thick chocolate horns was such a great 9 days every day got better past up any many small bucks ,cold weather helped this hunt tremendously pre rut was started and really got the big boys active.30 to 50 deer seen everyday water was crucial in this hunt late hunt going to kick out some monsters but gotta tell you this year monsters were taken.
  5. 518Ranger

    12b west early hunt

    Well so far everybody seems to not see what this unit can turn up if you hunt hard and be patient Ryan Hatch at monster mulys has some wisdom about this unit which has led me to believe that if I hunt hard I may get a crack at a good quality deer that’s what I’ll hope for thanks guys.
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    12b west early hunt

    Any one ever hunt this hunt went out it’s a big vast area not at all like wooded area you come down from but did find a little water not much really dry right now seen few deer no bucks .scouted all up to fredonia and around Utah Arizona border back south all the way up turn off going back to Jacob lake.