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  1. 2BHunting

    First deer ever!

    Really awesome job man! I just read the other thread from last year and it really highlights how great this site can be. Way to go from start to finish, asking questions, taking advice, and more importantly just getting out there and getting it done. Congrats bud, you should be proud of your accomplishment.
  2. 2BHunting

    2019 Desert Muleys

    Man, you've got those desert hunts dialed in. Nice work
  3. 2BHunting

    The year of the Mule Deer

    I will continue to dream of a hunt that stacks up to anything that is remotely comparable to one of this caliber! I don't have the patience for the point game and put in for units I know I will draw, but these stories certainly make one revisit that philosophy. Awesome work!
  4. 2BHunting

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    I think I see the point you're trying to make. However, a poacher is a criminal, and a criminal will be a criminal regardless. This man self reported, and took responsibility for his actions. The outcome could have very well ended much differently for him, and for that he was fortunate. For the poachers out there getting ideas from this playbook, good luck with that. One can only hope that the poachers start self reporting their "mistakes" too, but don't hold your breath on that one. Congrats to the OP on a successful hunt, and more importantly kudos to him for leading his son by example.
  5. 2BHunting

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    Great post, appreciate the update! Congrats to all!
  6. 2BHunting

    Anyone with camper space in Phoenix or camp verde

    I’ve got space in chandler with electrical and water connections if your plans fall through, or just for future consideration. G’luck out there, and looking forward to the success stories and pictures!
  7. 2BHunting

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    Fantastic, congrats to your family..what an accomplishment!
  8. 2BHunting

    Girls Trip

    Awesome, nice buck!
  9. 2BHunting

    Cow Elk hunt 22 south

  10. 2BHunting

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    This thread is great. Each time I find myself walking in the dark through lion and bear country, I wonder to myself if there is another hunter out there navigating their way through the same darkness, just as skirmish. I watch all the youtube guys out there that seemingly do it effortlessly, and without concern. Nice to know I'm not alone. I do prefer the hike ins, as at least I tell myself the sun will be up soon. The hikes out are a bit worse, cause you just know its you and darkness for a while. PS my palms just got sweaty typing this, as I'll be bailing into a nasty canyon next month chasing a big 3, in a new unit to me, with its fair share of lions and bears. Can't wait!
  11. 2BHunting

    Another first for my son!

    Big congrats, that is awesome!
  12. Absolute stud bull, congrats! Sitting at 3 points, I'll keep dreaming and living vicariously through CWT tales like this one. Awesome job!
  13. 2BHunting

    37b Muleys

    I shot my first buck there (recent story in campfire, "Introduction". I haven't been back for deer since that hunt, but am down there for Javelina every year, and had these guys on my cam in January prior to that hunt. Fun hunt, I love chasing the desert bucks!
  14. 2BHunting

    Dove recipes?

    Salt water over night is a must for me. Tonight I made spaghetti with them. Diced em up, salt, pepper, butter and olive oil. Couple nights ago I used a beer can chicken rub, salt pepper and oil and ate with rice. And can never go wrong with bacon wrapped smoked dove.
  15. 2BHunting


    Hey all, I’ve been lurking on the site for a couple of years now. No idea why it took me so long to actually sign up, but I thoroughly enjoy the content. A little about me, my name is Brandon and I moved to AZ back in 2002 from Colorado. I didn’t get involved in hunting AZ until a few years ago, and have been addicted ever since (I’ll share that story first). I’m married with 3 kids, and a 4th to be any day now (all boys). My now father in law took me on an any antlered deer hunt in 2016 where I shot my first big game animal (a very small mule deer spike) that AZGFD aged at about 2-3 years old, and told me he just had bad genetics (insert milk on the lips jokes here). I had always considered myself an “outdoorsmen” until this hunt, when I realized how much of a city slicker I had become. My father in law had taken me on a couple of scouting trips before the opener, and asked me what I thought. I said” Well, I am having a tough time believing that there’s going to be a deer out there behind that cactus,” he laughed. Opening morning had me stumbling around the desert flats being taught a lesson with every step. I went south out of camp, my father in law went north, and his buddy went east so we had a good understanding of who would be where. Twenty minutes into my hike south, I make my way through a thicket and came face to face with a moo cow. Not knowing how he would react I backed out slowly, and rerouted. Come to find out I’m smack dab in the middle of a herd of moo cows now, and am really starting to feel like a city slicker. They don’t bother me, and I don’t mess with them and I scoot on out of the wash I was in. As I’m slowly walking through my new route, I hear the sound of hooves galloping behind me. I turn around and see a buck (appeared to be a decent 3x3 from behind) and a doe bouncing away up the side of a hill. I literally must’ve walked on top of them bedded, because to this day I am not sure how I made it through where they came from, to where I was without jumping them first in front of me. With my rifle slung over my head and on my back, I’m knocking my hat off and tangling my sling and binos together while trying to get to the top of the hill to hopefully have a shot at the buck. He was in the next area code by time I got my stuff together, and I regrouped from the adrenaline rushing through me. I walked countless miles that day, stopping and glassing, and learning and falling in love with not only hunting, but hunting the desert. As I tried to sleep that night, and replayed everything that had happened over and over, I began making my plan for the next morning. I had come across a water tank that I sat for a bit, and decided that I would head that way again in the pre-dawn hours. As the sun came up, I made my way south again. No longer having the rifle slung behind me, and noticing that my walk wasa lot different this morning, I realized that the addiction was in me now, and was spreading like wildfire. I spent two hours slowly navigating my way through the washes, towards my mark on the water tank. I was hoping I could cut them off coming from water as the morning sun began to rise. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, my first introduction to public land hunting, and another lesson was about to be learned. I’m ¼ mile from the tank now when I hear the sound of a vehicle driving down the road leading to the tank. I can’t believe it, two hours of slowly walking in, and here comes someone driving right down the road that I didn’t see a sole on the day prior. I stop and position myself behind a thicket to where I have shooting lanes should my new friends push anything out. As I sit there, the shotgun blasts begin to rain out. Well, there goes my plan entirely and I’m too new to have a plan B. So, I improvise, look towards a range of mountains in the distance and say that’s where I’m headed. Borderline frustrated, I start my walk that changes my life. Now, I am not wanting to interfere with the bird hunters, so I keep about a ¼ mile perimeter from the tank and walk around it. I’m to the other side now about to cross a wash when I catch movement up above me on the other side of the wash. I drop to a squatting position and identify the movement. I jumped two deer behind a bush. I raise my rifle and pick them up in the scope. The first deer steps out, and I see he has a tiny antler on his left side (literally about all he had) and a button on the right side. The internal debate begins. I don’t know my father in law well at this point, and I worry about the “size of the antler” razzing back at camp I’m sure to face if I squeeze. I then think about my late papa giving me my Winchester .270 that I am holding, and sitting with me through my hunter safety class at 13 years old back in Colorado. I think of how proud of me he would be if he could see me in this moment. As that last thought crosses my mind, he turnedquartering slightly toward me and “BOOM!” instinct took over and the bullet enters mid chest and exits his left shoulder. He stands straight up on his hind legs, turns and boogies up the hill with his girlfriend. I lose sight of him, and try to calm myself down and mark my shot location. I cross the wash and up the other side to where he was and begin looking for blood. No blood, anywhere. I walk to the top of the ridgeline, no blood and no deer in sight. Now I’m second guessing everything. I saw him stand, I was right on him from 45 yards, how could I miss?? Telling myself I have to find blood, I decided to criss cross down the hill side back to my shot location. I walk the ridgeline parallel from where I took the shot, and begin to criss cross down. The first zig of my zag, and I find him expired. I was so thankful and overcome with emotion. I never did find any blood at all other than where he lay, and believe that marking my shot location is the only reason I found him being solo and so green. I thankfully have cell service, and call my father in law, who sends my brother in law out to help me clean him up. Ironically he drives down the same road to the tank that the bird hunters drove out on. He actually stopped and talked to them on their way out, and they told him that they heard my bullet hit its mark after the shot. I thought that was pretty cool, and the first I had learned of that happening. My ears were ringing and certainly didn’t hear it hit. Anyhow, if you are reading this and you were one of those bird hunters at the tank in 37B that day in 2016, thank you! You pushed me around that tank and led me straight to what has now become a true passion of mine. From small game to big game, there is very little in life that I enjoy more for myself. My kids, my wife, and the great AZ outdoors. If you’re still reading, thanks! I look forward to sharing much more! I also have thick skin, so I’m not afraid to post these pictures that accommodate this story. The lessons I learned on this hunt, and the first spent shell on my belt of big game hunting launched me into this obsession and that was my trophy from the hunt. Now let’s all get back to idgaf’s thread, cause let’s be honest..that’swhat we’re really checking in on right now!