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  1. turfsideup70

    San Carlos Gobbler in the Snow – LONG VERSION

    Awesome! Aint nothing like that feeling when you hear that gobbler getting closer and closer. Hunting them in the snow makes for a unique experience.
  2. turfsideup70

    Maryland Flatlander finally draws a Goulds tag!

    I got tag #3, second hunt. Looking foward to the hunt, and seeing Arizona!
  3. turfsideup70

    Maryland Flatlander finally draws a Goulds tag!

    Thanks for the reply’s! I have some areas I’m concentrating on, and plan to call the GM this week. I might try to attend the survey and get a weekend of scouting done at the same time! NO! I’m not a Democrat, I live on the Eastern Shore!
  4. After 14 years, I finally drew a Goulds tag in 35B. I'm a pretty seasoned turkey hunter of 25 years. however, I've never hunted in Arizona. So I'm just starting to try and narrow done some starting points. If anybody has any tips or things i should know about this unit, it would be much appreciated.
  5. turfsideup70

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    Awesome adventure! Can you give us some details of the hunt? who ya went with, and the costs?
  6. turfsideup70

    Goulds tags!

    Went in with 23 pts as a NR, so im not holding my breath. But i do feel lucky this year! Mine still says pending???