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  1. Phillyd044

    Vortex Viper 15x50hd binos

  2. Phillyd044

    Vortex Viper 15x50hd binos

    Bump and drop $425
  3. Phillyd044

    Vortex Viper 15x50hd binos

    Glass is in great shape. Missing front cap, I had an outdoorsman stud on it and removed it and couldn’t find the cap. Comes with the vortex glasspak. In Tucson but can also ship.. PayPal G & S you pay the fee or Friends&Fam.. $450 not looking for trades at the moment.
  4. Phillyd044


    I’ll hop in line.. im in Tucson and can meet with with you if the others don’t work out.
  5. Phillyd044

    PhoneSkope case for IPhone 10

    Do you ever come up to Tucson? If you do I’ll take the 11 max from ya.
  6. Great rangefinder here.. accurate and fast response. I’ve moved on to the Sig Kilo and prefer it’s sleekness and more compact design. 7x26mm ranges out to 1760 yds. Glass is clear. Range readout is red. Has a built in tripod attachment. $220. In Tucson but can also ship.
  7. Phillyd044

    WTS bullets, rifle, case, bow sights, and more

    What adapter is on the phone skope?
  8. Phillyd044

    Meopta Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

    Pm sent.
  9. Phillyd044

    Random ammo.

    30-06 SPF to 4pakk.
  10. Phillyd044

    Random ammo.

    Dirt beat ya to it sry.
  11. Phillyd044

    Random ammo.

    Sent you a PM 4pakk.
  12. Phillyd044

    Random ammo.

    308 and 12 ga SPF to nitemann.
  13. Phillyd044

    Random ammo.

    SPF to dirt.
  14. Phillyd044

    Random ammo.

    Random lot of ammo, cleaning out the safe, some older some newer. 30-06 sprg 60 rounds total. 6- Super X, 15- R-P, 20- Super speed, 3- Winchester, 1- PMO, 2- Norma Re, 3- LO 57, 4- LC 52, 5- WCC 52, 1- LO 62 match. $35.00 308 WIN 25 rounds total. 20- Western Super X, 5- Winchester. $15.00 30-30 win 30 rounds total. 17- RP, 13- Super speed. $15.00 12 gauge 2 3/4 Remington express long range 10 total rounds. $3.00 22 - 58 total rounds. $5.00 a couple cool older .300 WM boxes $10.00 Located in Tucson. Will be headed to Overgaard early Saturday morning and could meet at bass pro in Mesa.