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  1. As the title says.. looking for $220 tyd or $200 local pickup in Tucson. Only issue is one of the stickers on the head came off, doesn’t effect anything mechanically or functionality wise. PayPal friends and family preferred or add 3% for goods and services.
  2. Phillyd044

    Cabela’s Outfitter Series 12x20 Alaknak Tent

    Brother sold it.
  3. Phillyd044

    Cabela’s Outfitter Series 12x20 Alaknak Tent

    Price drop $600
  4. Listing for my brother, he’s located in Mesa.. send me a PM and I can get you his number if you’re interested. He’s asking $700 or trade for firearms or good glass.
  5. Phillyd044

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

    Yes, please use so much caution with me since I’m human and I forgot to pull the ad off eBay. I apologized to you already. The meet with bigj for today was set up around noon yesterday and they sold at 2pm.
  6. Phillyd044

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

  7. Phillyd044

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

    I would consider trades.. not sure exactly what though.. pm me what you got worst I can say is no thanks.
  8. Phillyd044

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

    Yes sir.
  9. Phillyd044

    Swarovski/Nikon Binos

    Swarovski 10x42 SLC with winged eye cups, Non HD but do have the Swarobright coating, first 3 of Serial D69 $800.00 Nikon Monarch 5 20x56 brand new only out of the box for pics. $450.00 Nikon Monarch 12x56 $200.00 older but good glass. Located in Tucson. Thanks for looking.
  10. Phillyd044

    Vortex bino advice

    Better late than never.. Our eyes don’t see what yours do.. it’s all opinion and preference. If one looks better than the other to you go with that. If your budget is low, constantly scan Craigslist you might just find some mid range optics at the low end price that’s in your budget.