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  1. dalmore1263

    Hornady ELDX 212gr 300 PRC Ammo - 2 Boxes

    Sold, sorry for the late update
  2. Hi, I have two boxes of Hornady 212gr ELDX 300 PRC Precision Hunter ammo that I no longer need. Two boxes $75/box. Looking to get what I paid on Midway. https://www.hornady.com/ammunition/rifle/300-prc-212-gr-eld-x-precision-hunter#!/ Located in Chandler. Thanks
  3. dalmore1263

    Any 300 prc ammo for sale?

    I've got two boxes of the 212gr Hornady Precision Hunter I may let go. What part of town are you in?
  4. dalmore1263


    Any chance you'll be in the Phoenix area? I'll definitely take the hybrids if so.
  5. I'll take the Berger 140g hybrids. I'm also in Chandler. Let me know, thanks!