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  1. price drop to $715 shipped.
  2. These are in outstanding shape, all the mechanics are rock solid. I just had them serviced by vortex. They replaced the objectives to fix some scratches. Only flaw is a little glue seeped up on the edge of one objective that vortex installed. Its cosmetics and has no influence on the image. Text me If you want pictures Josh. 805-844-5964 Sold
  3. Gone huntin. I'll be back Tuesday unless I fill that tag early.
  4. I'm looking for the best money can buy, at a used price...
  5. Dang, thats a sweet bracket. I may be interested if I get no takers.
  6. Thanks for that Hatchet Jack! You are absolutely right. The image is awesome. Compared to having one eye closed, I feel like I see and absorb 10X more of what Im looking at. With one eye open I can only really focus on the center of the field of view. But with both my eyes I can roam and dissect the whole field of view, which is crisp to the edge on these. The resolution is insane, I've counted scrub oak leaves at about a mile. I was pumped to make this setup and turn up deer from miles away(which they do), but the nature of most my hunts are solo backpacking hunts. So I end up only bringing my Binos and rifle scope.
  7. Ojai, California. If you live around here come look through them! I have them posted on Rokslide too. I just started an account on this site to try and sell them, since someone from Rokslide suggested that the Coues guys would be all about it.
  8. I have two Kowa Prominar 664's that I picked up used and rigged together to form some "Big Eyes". They are in great shape no damage and glass is perfect. The field of view is wider than a Swaro BTX and it may be brighter since there is 120mm of combined glass, but I've not directly compared. I have spotted and Identified sex on deer from 5 Miles out. I made the mounting platform out of a sheet of carbon fiber. The mount is simple and light but does not hold the objectives from moving around, so the scopes have to be shimmed to align the images. It only takes a few seconds once you get the hang of it. Whole package weighs 5lbs 14oz which is a few ounces lighter than the BTX 90. You also, obviously, have the option to break them apart and bring only one on a hunt, or pass one to a buddy. You can buy both or separately if you like. I don't use them as much as I thought I would. I originally planned on packing them on backcountry hunts, but I'm too much of a weight weenie and changed plans. Just going to stick with my 12x50's. I plan on upgrading my Bino's if I can sell these scopes, but if not I'll put them to work... Call or Text 805-844-5964 Final Price Drop single scope- $950 shipped Both scopes and Mount- $1800 shipped