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    Have a used Unaweep 4800 for sale. Its been used a couple of seasons. Has some wear, but overall good condition. Comes with Talon, hip pocket, and a top lid. Text for Pictures or I'l post some up later. $300
  2. JBatt


    Still available.
  3. JBatt


    Like new. Comes with everything, plus outdoorsman stud. Sold -Josh Batt
  4. JBatt


    Looking for an older set of the the Vortex razor 12x50. Made in Japan preferred. I can pay or I have a UHD 18x65 if anyones interested in a trade.
  5. JBatt


    2lbs H4350, 500 Federal-210 primers, 200 140gr eldm, 50 127gr lrx, 120 pieces Hornady 6.5cm once fired cleaned/sized brass and 60 dirty pieces. Everything for $290, Or everything minus brass for $260. Do not want to part out, would rather keep it all than do five transactions. Hope this is what someone needs. Thanks.
  6. JBatt

    Vortex UHD 18x56s

    PM sent
  7. JBatt


    Price drop to $160, and added a picture.
  8. JBatt


    I have a pair of Galaxy Bullseye 48" Recurve bows. One is 10lbs the other is 20lbs. Bought for my kids last year and were only shot a few times, literally. One limb has my sons signature on it but Like new besides that. Comes with 6 PSE 25" razorback arrows. Great bows for small kids. Cost me $260 from Lancaster archery. Asking $180 for everything TYD
  9. Barely used in the backyard only. Velcro attachment style. $90 TYD
  10. Looking for a used pair, I don't care if they're beat up. I'll send funds PayPal.
  11. JBatt


    I have 100 bullets for $75 shipped. or trade for .264 ELD 140gr
  12. JBatt


    I have 138 loaded cartridges in 222 Rem. And approximately 400 various bullets in .224 Cal. And 250 pieces of 222 Rem brass. Inherited all of it, but no rifle to shoot it through. Whole lot for $150 shipped Or trade for any of these calibers. 223, 6.5 grendel, 6.5 creedmoor, 308, 30-06, 22lr, 410, 12guage
  13. JBatt

    PSE Stinger Bow

    Pm sent
  14. JBatt

    6.5mm/.264 Barnes LRX 127 grain bullets

    Will you ship to SoCal? 805-844-5964 -Josh