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  1. TTT. $650 for scope + 30x Wide eyepiece + soft cover.
  2. TTT for $500! (SCOPE BODY ONLY)
  3. JBatt


    TTT for $415
  4. TTT for $590 (Can include 30x WIDE eyepiece for $160)
  5. I have an older set of (Made in Japan) Razor 12x50's. Has a tiny speck on one objective. Everything is tight and sharp. The Japan Models are noticeably better than the Chinese made ones. I have compared both 12x50 and 10x42 models. Chinese models are noticeably dimmer, not to mention a pair that was assembled crooked!! Asking $850 TYD. Ships from CA PM, call or text 805-844-5964 Thank you.
  6. Straight model Kowa Prominar 664. Includes 30x WIDE Eyepiece. Comes with a Kowa Stay-on soft case.
 Scope body has a couple small scratches in the paint. The glass is immaculate.
 WAS-$650 scopebody ONLY NOW $500 for Scope Body or $650 with 30X Wide eyepiece. Ships from CA PM, Text or call, 805-844-5964
  7. JBatt


    Glass is flawless. Functions like new, everything is tight. Some wear marks where the neck strap attaches. Comes with all factory accessories. I used these all last season and they were awesome as chest bins. They are so light you forget they are there. They also do well off a tripod. Huge 430ft FOV, weigh only 16oz. SOLD
  8. JBatt

    KOWA 664 + 30X WIDE

  9. JBatt

    KOWA 664 + 30X WIDE

    Kowa 664 straight spotter. With fixed 30X wide eyepiece. Glass is perfect, exterior armor has some scuffs. $800 TYD, Ships from CA. Having trouble loading pictures, Call or text 805-844-5964 -Josh
  10. TTT with another price drop. $900 TYD