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  1. SOLD PENDING FUNDS This is a "Bolt Action", side charging AR, there is NO gas system (CA LEGAL!). Without optic it weighs 3lbs 4oz. Half the weight of your average "light" hunting rifle!! I built it this year to make the "worlds lightest" practical hunting rifle. It is an absolute dream to carry in the field. I killed a small buck and large black bear with it this season. It easily shoots under 2moa in field positions. With no muzzle break I was spotting shots at 400y, shot a couple 5" groups at 450yards . This is the perfect 400y killing stick. I used the absolute lightest AR parts on EARTH! Or at least, the lightest I could find after MANY hours of research. Sourced from many different stores. Parts List: $70-Aero Precision Ultralight Scope Mount $475-Xcaliber Barrel, 16" 1/8 5R Spaghetti contour, stainless 1/2x28 muzzle threads, no gas port, Cryogenic treated. $100-Aero Precision Slick upper receiver. Was machined to accommodate side charging handle. $160-DSA Aluminum enhanced BCG, modified with Titanium to accept a side charging handle. $110-Rubber City 6.5 Grendel bolt. $50-FMK polymer lower receiver. $240-Smoke Composites Carbon Fiber Buttstock assembly. $30-Smoke Composites aluminum Barrel nut. $60- Custom Carbon Fiber hand guard. $20-Smoke Carbon Fiber End Plate. $20-Smoke Composites Aluminum castle nut. $35- New Frontier Polymer Lower parts kit.(I love the trigger on this, breaks a little under 3lbs) $20- Taccom ultralight Polymer buffer. $20-Hogue 15deg grip. $60- V seven Titanium Micro brake. $$-Titanium, aluminum or polymer were used to replace any small steel parts. Comes to $1470 on my calculator, not including tax or shipping on any of the listed parts. Scope in photos is no longer available Selling with 6 Boxes of Hornady Black ELDM 123gr. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  2. JBatt

    Browning Xbolt 6.5cm (shortened)+ Scope

    PRICE DROP! I know someone could use this little package.
  3. 6.5 creedmoor Browning Xbolt Western Hunter, has been cut and crowned to 18". The stock has been shortened to 13" Length of pull, and modified to accomodate a side sling. Overall length of the rifle is now 37". Has Timney trigger upgrade. Talley lightweights. Extra magazine. Comes attached to a Hawke Frontier 2.5-15x50 SFP Mil/mil. ($799 on Opticsplanet) The scope weighs 23oz, has illuminated reticle, exposed turrets with crisper clicks than the Vortex LHT that I had, also a bigger FOV and better glass to my eyes. Same no fault warranty as vortex. Total package weight is 7lbs 10 oz. The rifle is very handy in the woods. I shortened everything to make it easier to carry and get the kids behind it. I've had the rifle for about 6 years. The stock has some extra holes from me playing around with different sling and tripod mounting options. It shoots 3/4 MOA all day with factory 143eldx, and even better with Barnes 120ttsx. 800rds down the barrel. Only reason I'm selling is to fund another rifle purchase. I would like to sell altogether. $1050 $900 shipped to your FFL dealer. I have this listed on Rokslide under the same handle. I have bought and sold a ton on Rokslide and a bit on this forum as well. I'm located in SoCal.
  4. JBatt


    Have a used Unaweep 4800 for sale. Its been used a couple of seasons. Has some wear, but overall good condition. Comes with Talon, hip pocket, and a top lid. Text for Pictures or I'l post some up later. $300
  5. JBatt


    Still available.
  6. JBatt


    Like new. Comes with everything, plus outdoorsman stud. Sold -Josh Batt
  7. JBatt


    Looking for an older set of the the Vortex razor 12x50. Made in Japan preferred. I can pay or I have a UHD 18x65 if anyones interested in a trade.
  8. JBatt


    2lbs H4350, 500 Federal-210 primers, 200 140gr eldm, 50 127gr lrx, 120 pieces Hornady 6.5cm once fired cleaned/sized brass and 60 dirty pieces. Everything for $290, Or everything minus brass for $260. Do not want to part out, would rather keep it all than do five transactions. Hope this is what someone needs. Thanks.
  9. JBatt

    Vortex UHD 18x56s

    PM sent
  10. JBatt


    Price drop to $160, and added a picture.
  11. JBatt


    I have a pair of Galaxy Bullseye 48" Recurve bows. One is 10lbs the other is 20lbs. Bought for my kids last year and were only shot a few times, literally. One limb has my sons signature on it but Like new besides that. Comes with 6 PSE 25" razorback arrows. Great bows for small kids. Cost me $260 from Lancaster archery. Asking $180 for everything TYD
  12. Barely used in the backyard only. Velcro attachment style. $90 TYD
  13. Looking for a used pair, I don't care if they're beat up. I'll send funds PayPal.
  14. JBatt


    I have 100 bullets for $75 shipped. or trade for .264 ELD 140gr