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  1. GoneHunting

    WTS Kowa 664 dual spotters

    If the sale falls through, please let me know. Thank you!
  2. GoneHunting

    Btx with 65mm objective

    I am interested, you are in Safford?
  3. GoneHunting

    Lion time!

    Good Luck!
  4. GoneHunting

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    Wow! What a toad! Awesome pictures and video!
  5. GoneHunting

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    I was at the Grocery store last night and saw a guy with a cart full of milk (at least 20 gallons), and I live in Safford. Crazy times for sure!
  6. GoneHunting

    WTB Kowa Big Eyes (dual 664 spotters)

    I haven’t personally looked through a set yet, but I have heard that they are a pretty good setup that can hang with the highlanders and btx. I missed out on a pair a few days ago. I live in the safford area so I have to be quick when they come up for sale lol!
  7. GoneHunting


    Long shot, but did you ever sell these?
  8. Looking to buy a set of kowa big eyes, (2) 664 spotters w/ 30x wide angle eyepieces with flatline dual mount or similar mount. Let me know if anyone wants to sell this setup. Thank you!
  9. GoneHunting


    If this is still available I’ll take it.
  10. GoneHunting

    1966 Remington 700 BDL .264 Win Mag

    Thanks for the info, I have not gone out to shoot this gun yet, but plan to this weekend. I have a box of 100 grain Nosslers and a box of 140 grain Nosslers. I guess I will see what shoots better and go with that. Mike
  11. GoneHunting

    Christmas present

    Any idea what that work might have cost? I also have a 7mm WSM in a Winchester Model 70 that I purchased new a few years ago. I have had the same problems with this gun. I will shoot a couple of shots and then the next couple will be 2-3 inches from the first two. I have tried 3 different scopes, but seem to get the same results with each. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I hate to ask, but I was wondering if anyone knows how much a 1966 Remington 700 BDL .264 Win Mag w/ 24 inch barrel is worth? I would say it is 95% condition. Also, What are the best factory loads to shoot? Thanks for the help!
  13. GoneHunting

    2005 honda rincon

    $5000 for both or each?
  14. GoneHunting

    FOR SALE Minox 15X58 ED BR

    Binos are sold pending funds$$$ to tfdpm126. Thanks.
  15. GoneHunting

    FOR SALE Minox 15X58 ED BR

    tfdpm126, I sent you an email. Thanks, Mike