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  1. oflag

    Coues Mount - Habitat Ideas

  2. oflag

    Who am I?

    Was one of the Alchesay?
  3. oflag

    Who has the early hunt?

    I have a 6B archery tag. I have been scouting 9 times and have only seen 3 bucks. Unfortunately, only 1 of those is bigger than his ears. I am thinking about using my Point Guard and turning this tag back in and regaining the 13 points it took to draw. If anyone has any intel that would convince me otherwise, I would be very grateful for a PM. I had this same tag 11 years ago and was on good bucks every day of that hunt. It just seems the population in the unit is way down from where it was back then......
  4. oflag

    WTB Swarovski Tripod Adapter

    Anyone have an Outdoorsmans adapter they'd like to sell?
  5. oflag

    WTB Swarovski Tripod Adapter

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. oflag

    Binocular Tripod Adaptor- SOLD OUT

    Would this work with Swarovski 15X56 SLCs?
  7. Seems I've lost my tripod adapter for my Swaraovski 15X56 SLCs. Anyone have one to sell? Thanks Bill aka Oflag
  8. oflag

    WTS: Hawken .50 caliber

    I have a .50 caliber Hunter Hawken for sale. Only used on one pronghorn hunt. It has had less than 20 round balls through it. Percussion with Montecarlo stock, heavy octagon barrel, set trigger and recoil pad. It needs a new ramrod as I broke the wooden rod it came with. Located in Flagstaff. Asking $450 OBO. Thanks Bill Oster aka Oflag
  9. oflag

    How much REALLY?

    I must say that all that snow looks a whole lot better from this perspective!
  10. oflag

    How much REALLY?

    How much Really? ENOUGH! My house just outside of Flagstaff this morning.
  11. oflag

    How much REALLY?

    How much Really? ENOUGH! My house just outside of Flagstaff this morning.
  12. oflag

    Drop tine bucks.

    Here's a 5B North droptine buck from 1980.
  13. oflag

    satellite images...