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  1. westernhunter23

    300 Win Mag Model 70 for sale

    Selling 300 win mag model 70. Shoots fine in good shape. Looking to fund another Build. Asking 350.00. PM me if interested In Safford Az.
  2. westernhunter23

    Leica 1600-B Rangefinder for sale

    Selling Leica rangefinder 1600-B. Everything works great. Upgraded system and no longer need. Asking 500.00 obo . Located in Safford Az.
  3. westernhunter23

    Arizona Bill Would Ban Mountain Lion, Bobcat Hunting

    Yes this needs more visibility from our hunting community. Another political push from animal right activists that have no clue how wildlife is managed by AZGF. As the article mentions please sent notes to our senators and lets be heard!!!
  4. westernhunter23

    Unit 1 Thefts

    Do you know what area?
  5. westernhunter23

    Under Armour Jacket

    Bump... Price Drop 60.00 Ayton Fleece XL
  6. westernhunter23

    Under Armour Jacket

    Sorry forgot to put the size. XL
  7. westernhunter23

    Under Armour Jacket

    Selling Under Armour jackef I bought 3 years ago and don't use it since I switched most of my clothing to Kuiu. Jacket is in good shape and very comfortable and warm. Asking 75.00
  8. westernhunter23

    Kuiu Teton Rain Gear

    Does anyone have any feedback on the Teton Rain Gear? Been reading on other forums that it feels a little brittle and may not be was great in the brush. Any feedback on quality and performance? Thanks!
  9. westernhunter23

    ISO Triclawps

    Sent you a PM.
  10. Does anyone have any load data for noslers new long range accubonds? I have a box of 168 grain I was going to use a load similar to Berger but wantedt I check prior. Thanks
  11. westernhunter23

    Looking for Reloader 22

    Hi all found some from someone is Safford. Thanks for everyone's Help!
  12. westernhunter23

    Looking for Reloader 22

    Thanks for the info. MRL1984 are you willing to sell? If so PM me. Thanks!
  13. Anyone selling this or know of any stores that have this in stock. Thanks
  14. westernhunter23


    PM Sent