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  1. $30 now... I have no use for it...
  2. dpr64

    They are Hitting Cards

    Has anybody been hit on their credit card today, Tuesday the 30th? I thought all the cards were hit on Friday and that was that, it's weird that I got hit today and not on Friday or Monday....
  3. Reduced to $25 now. Selling a nice adjustable binocular - camera - video tripod made by Ambico... Has the 3 way panhead, geared elevator crank, and the adjustable legs. Nice shape, 60" max height, becomes very compact also for low height situations.. Text: Five205four88three33 Located in Oro Valley
  4. $170, excellent glass..... Nice and light, would be easy to carry around all day on a rifle..
  5. Still for sale! Uploaded a few new photos today.
  6. June 23rd, take it all for a reduced price of $190...