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  1. kwp

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    The tags go from 8/15 to 8/14 of the following year. There are 2 auction tags and 1 raffle each year. With last year's growth being so bad none of the tag holders for 2018-2019 had killed until the last few weeks. The 2019-2020 tags start in a couple weeks so we'll likely see a few more monsters hit the dirt
  2. kwp

    Car Jacking

    "Gotta go to work tomorrow" Life doesn't stop even when losers get in the way. Unfortunately there are too many people who choose to be losers rather than chase the American dream like this guy. Good for him and a great interview showing how level headed people are gun owners who can make quick decisions in the heat of the moment.
  3. kwp

    Samaniego Ridge Trail

    Yep, I've backpacked plenty and will filter the water just need there to be some to filter. Guessing on a year like this there will be just curious if anyone has been there and familiar with the springs.
  4. I'm trying to plan a short backpacking trip with my boys and am thinking of heading down the Samaniego Ridge Trail up on Mt Lemmon. I'm curious if anyone here is familiar with that trail and knows if Shovel Spring and Walnut Spring are reliable water. Planning on hiking to Walnut Spring to spend the night and then back out the next day. Thanks in advance!
  5. kwp


    Good deal, on a side note, would love a review of the Outdoor Vision Bino Harness.
  6. kwp

    How bout them Devils!

    And how is that different than ASU (or any other team) fans? Just go back in this thread to see ASU fans flapping their gums after losses.
  7. kwp

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Do this and Mexico might build a wall to keep all the lazy butt Americans out.
  8. If you have meat at WGP in Tucson, go pick it up and don't delay. I haven't been able to drop my elk off and they are turning away others because people are slow to pick up. I'm not aware of any other good options in Tucson so I have my second fridge crammed full of boned elk meat.
  9. kwp

    Shed season

    In more northern states the deer and elk are much more stressed from winter and pressure can be detrimental. Our animals in AZ live a pretty leisurely winter and are able to recover just fine, so pressure isn't that big a deal. Pressure in the fall is way worse with the absurd number of tags given out.
  10. kwp

    In search of Civil engineer

    Most of what is said here is spot on, except for the last part. If it is a publicly funded project then the engineer is selected based on qualifications, not price. If it's your money you can do whatever you want with it. Not all civil engineers or architects are know it alls, I certainly don't think I know everything. Make sure you get a PE, every single one registered in the state can be looked up on the state board of technical registration website. Make sure they know the permit process for your jurisdiction. Most good engineers are slammed right now so you will likely spend a premium. Good luck!
  11. kwp

    Swaro 12x50 or 15x56HD?

    I think the 12x vs 15x comparison depends on use. I have extensively reviewed both side by side as I own the 15hd and my brother in law owns the 12el. The 12s are slightly brighter and clearer but there is a difference in magnification that my bro in law and I both agreed is noticable when looking for details, and not just at long range, we noticed it at closer ranges too. If you plan to continue to use your 10s and don't mind carrying both, get the 15x. If you want to carry only one pair and are willing to retire the 10s, get the 12s. I plan to buy the 12s at some point in the future and will use my 10el, 12el, and 15slc hd all depending on the situation.
  12. There are even more details in that People magazine article that is referenced. Scary how the brain can just flip switches like that.
  13. Ask your brother, he deals with surveyors on a regular basis.
  14. kwp

    Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Closures Imminent

    Not sure why they would close the Wallow Fire area. It needs to burn again badly!!! Plus there isn't enough fuel for a big fast moving fire.
  15. kwp

    Bad Neighbor

    Is he uphill or downhill? Remember, $hit flows downhill!