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  1. GingerRam

    3 MEC Shotgun reloading kits

  2. GingerRam

    3 MEC Shotgun reloading kits

    Hey everyone - I have inherited several reloading systems from my father. 2 of these appear to have been used, though I know he never used them and one appears to be brand new. I believe that I have a system set up to reload for 410, 12ga and 20ga but I don't have any idea if everything is there. There are two(2) MEC Versa-Mec systems and one(1) Mec 600JR. These are located in Tucson and I would gladly meet someone down there if interested. That being said, I am not available until 10/21. $200 OBO for the whole lot of stuff..
  3. I have a Cooper ATP (275/60-R-20) tire mounted on a Discount Tire MB Rim (20") that I used as a spare for a Dodge Ram 1500 (2009-2017). I've sold the truck and no longer can use the tire. $100 (MAKE OFFER)
  4. @bwp22 - I am in Gilbert. If you're in Sahuarita, perhaps we can meet in Tucson as I have a place there too??
  5. **SOLD** I have a Grey Softopper off of a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab (5'6" bed). This Softopper was only used during hunting seasons and is in great shape. I have all of the pieces, including the optional storage bag. This model is for full sized short bed trucks. As mentioned, I had it on a Ram 1500 Crew Cab, but I believe it is the same size for Nissan Titan and others.. You'll need to check. I am only selling as I got rid of the truck and will be ordering a new one for the new truck which has a larger bed. $400.00 OBO Mark marksmi9az@yahoo.com
  6. I have 3 New in Box E-collars for the training of dogs. 1. Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3 (NIB) - $250 2. Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 (NIB) - $150 3. Tri-Tronics Sport Junior G3 (NIB) - $100 These units retailed for between $199 and $400 and were given to me. I no longer have English Pointers and therefore I have no use for them.
  7. Hey All - I've got a late November 36a "left-over" tag and was wondering if anyone can point me (no honey-holes) in the right direction. I've been NW of the Arivaca Rd and access seems to be...limited. I am used to 36b/c and this is my first hunt in this unit so any directional / not so specific assistance would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Mark
  8. GingerRam

    PolarRanger Tires/Rims

    Please send me a PM if these are still available. Regards, Mark
  9. GingerRam

    36c info

    Send me a PM.. I was in there during the early Nov hunt.. The comment on getting in shape cannot be emphasized enough..
  10. GingerRam

    Bulk ammo

    I've had good luck with some of the online stores, Sportsmansguide, JGSales in Prescott as well. Prices are up but not to the "please sign over your deed" level of some places.
  11. GingerRam

    Pigs in 37B - numbers low?

    Still looking. Saw a few off of Florence Kelvin on Sunday but really not a herd of any significance.
  12. GingerRam

    Pigs in 37B - numbers low?

    Hey all - Been in 37B a good amount this year as I had a late Nov deer tag and am now on to archery. I haven't seen much in the way of pigs this year, anyone else in the same boat? I'm usually in the Freeman Ranch road/96 Hills area but????? Kinda freaking here as I have a late Feb tag and it will be my 7y.o daughters first hunt. Any thoughts? (no honey holes) but any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks - Mark
  13. I personally think the way to deal with both the EC as well as the major population centers ruling the vote would be to give each state/territory a single vote. Have each state vote for President as we do now (correct ID would be appreciated) and whomever wins the popular vote for the state would get that states 1 vote. This way, Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska, Puerta Rico whatever would be on a level playing field with New York, California, Ohio, Florida etc... Would this be perfect? Heck no. I do think it would still have the same "inter-state" weighting, i.e. the population centers in Ohio would still have given their "single vote" to Obama despite the disparity in actual "real estate" between the two. The leveling would come from the fact that it would weigh only as much anyone else. I know folks in densely populated would start complaining that their vote, due to numbers, would only count as a fraction of those votes in more rural states but that would be BS as the counting would be done at the state level.. Sorry for the rant.
  14. GingerRam

    Game over

    @gotcoues. Well said and I appreciate your request of Joe.. Color has nothing to do with this and will only serve to divide us further along lines that don't need to be there. We need to focus on issues and not race. As for your question regarding your kids, those under 18 have a $218K debt necklace as of yesterday.. Ughhhhhh