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  1. Guess I better lower the price then lol
  2. I’ve taken great care of them!
  3. Lol. Wasn’t sure where to start but want to get as much as i can so I can get the HDs.
  4. Swarovski binos (non-HD, 58191) Always wrapped and protected. Comes with the original Swarovski tripod adapter. I'm asking $1675 OBO, no trades. They have been serviced (cleaned) and are in amazing condition. Binos are still in the package and box from Swarovski. PM me if you are interested or text me 6023638798. Thanks!
  5. ElkDeer

    Inherited Rifles???

    cool thanks for the info.
  6. So i have inherited two rifles and would like to know some more information on them. One is a Stevens Model 84c 22 short, long and long rifle and the other I have no idea LOL. Stevens Model 84C 22: trigger works, safety works, no clip, needs some work MKirof(f) - England is all the info I have on the second one, bolt is stuck, no clip. Anyone have any idea on the values of these rifles? Probably going to sell both of them.
  7. ElkDeer

    Zeiss Conquest 6-24x50AO MC

    sorry guys, looks like i was duped.
  8. ElkDeer

    Rifle for 10 Year Old

    Wow! Thanks for all of the information. He has already been shooting the 22 for awhile. I'm going to continue my research and have him try shooting some of these! Thanks again!!! I might try reloading this year too specifically for his new rifle.
  9. Ok guys! My son turns 10 in April so I'm planning on getting him a coues rifle for his birthday. I would like to get him a .243. Any suggestions on brand, model? I'm looking at the Remington 700 SPS Youth .243 but don't like that it's synthetic. Thanks for any information you may have!
  10. I am looking for a 20 Gauge for my wife. Anyone interested in trading her current Mossberg 500 12g for a 20 gauge, prefer over/under but open to anything...I'll get pics up as soon as I can. Thank you!
  11. ElkDeer

    WTB - Trigger for Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe

    massamino, I am in Glendale, AZ. I sent you an email!
  12. In a bit of a bind, safety is not working correctly so I'm looking for either a timney trigger or weatherby trigger. Anyone have one laying around they would like to sell? Thank you, ElkDeer
  13. ElkDeer

    Muzzle Brake & Gunsmith

    Thanks guys for all of the info!!!