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  1. you need to look at the regs for open units, can do it online at azgfd.com
  2. azslim

    Elk loading 101

    a couple 2"x12" planks and a come-along work, but it's easier to qtr them on the ground and load the pieces
  3. azslim

    Queensland Heeler Pups

    heelers are smarter than most teenagers, miss chasing cows with one trotting beside my horse
  4. azslim

    Marlin missfire

    check firing pin, traveling cleanly, clean face real good and oil up
  5. azslim

    Vortex Viper HD 15x50 Binoculars

    this is decent glass, had a pair for years as backups or loaners, really nice to be able to set people up with their own glass when you take them out, especially kids. The Outdoorsman stud works in them, better than the Vortex system. Plus they are lighter than Swaro's if you are trying to cut weight.
  6. azslim

    Help With Score Guess

    they call them burro bucks, not unusual in desert mule deer, have seen some good ones. As far as score, not important, would you shoot him or not, for me I would be more than happy to bring him home. Don't think it would hit 180 but pushing it, next year probably.
  7. azslim

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    yes it was drained, cleaned and refilled, I know some of the folks that put in a lot of hours doing it, lots of conjecture whether it was another hunter on a close by waterhole or anti-hunters
  8. azslim

    Scouting a new area

    a few times I came back to camp and water and trail mix was gone, not sure if other hunters did it or border jumpers. Have had them come into camp when I was breaking it down, gave them all the questionable food I was going to chuck when I got home. Told them good luck and run fast. Did glass up a few drug loads down there, point man and tailgunner with AK's. I always have a pistol on my side down there even tho I am packing a rifle. Bad shoot happens to good people all the time.
  9. azslim

    Camo Needed fo new hunter

    camo isn't necessary, just good marketing, wear dark colored clothing until you find what you want
  10. azslim

    Scouting a new area

    I always hunted on the N side of the mtns and stayed away from Ruby Road, were less people on Coronado back behind Arivaca. Big deer there, just spend the time behind the glass and you will find them. Haven't been there in a couple years, used to be a lot of border crossers, if I set up a camp I would leave water bottles and trail mix on the table, kept them from going through my stuff. Then I started just setting up a cot at the tailgate every night, load up in the morning and go hunt, just needed a flat spot for camp. Pick up some 7.5 minute maps of the area and study them in your living room, plan your scouts to make the most of the gas and time. Identify a couple good glassing spots, game water, etc before you go out.
  11. azslim


    I saw a young bull like that in 5BN may last archery tag several years ago, stood 20 yds broadside and stared because he knew I had a cow tag. Would have taken him in a heartbeat even tho he was little then. Either he grew up or is out of the same bloodline.
  12. just go spend some time in the desert checking out water, then go from there, sometimes catch them drinking sometimes do spot and stalk, usually by themselves or in a small group of bucks getting ready for Prom. The big ones are still there, you just have to spend time behind the glass to find them.
  13. bone it out, grind it up and make chorizo, my recipe is on here from a while back. On my new laptop and haven't moved stuff over or I would share it now
  14. azslim

    Still hunting the flats?

    have taken off after mulies I glassed up and when I got to the shade spot they had vanished, they are up and down all day long chasing shade, easiest is to have a partner and work as a team, one stays high on the glass and the other heads after the deer with an ear bud in for the glasser to tell them if the deer moved
  15. azslim

    back under the pillow

    nice rifle, good for women and kids, shoots flat and straight