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  1. bone it out, grind it up and make chorizo, my recipe is on here from a while back. On my new laptop and haven't moved stuff over or I would share it now
  2. azslim

    Still hunting the flats?

    have taken off after mulies I glassed up and when I got to the shade spot they had vanished, they are up and down all day long chasing shade, easiest is to have a partner and work as a team, one stays high on the glass and the other heads after the deer with an ear bud in for the glasser to tell them if the deer moved
  3. azslim

    back under the pillow

    nice rifle, good for women and kids, shoots flat and straight
  4. azslim

    Looking for a new GPS

    I like my Garmin Oregon 450T, came with maps of the US, have used it in multiple states and even a lot of the FS roads are noted on it
  5. azslim

    Possible To Be Allergic To Only Bass?

    you body doesn't develop an allergic reaction the first time it is exposed to something, it is the 2nd or subsequent times that it develops, took it a while to decide it doesn't like something for mild symptoms you can take Benedryl, for worse ones you need Epi, especially when your throat starts closing up
  6. azslim

    Sausage Recipes

    have been making a lot of chicken sausage the past few years, boneless, skinless thighs from Costco. Modified Chicken & Apple and used dried apricots, that is really good. Also used cranberries and in place of apple juice concentrate I use cranberry concentrate, really good with pancakes. But my favorite is Chicken Chorizo, I use it for taco's and burrito's in addition to cooking for breakfast. A countertop grinder is all you need, that and the spices. I buy bulk at Sprout's or Winco and refill my bottles, much cheaper that way.
  7. azslim

    Colt anaconda

    Wow! I bought mine in late 90's from a guy I worked with, it was a touch too much for him to shoot. He sold it to me for $300. Great deal, couldn't say no.
  8. azslim

    Browning BAR in 300 WSM price guesstimate

    ran $800 - 900 new, have a couple, really like them, combo of BOSS & semi action take most of recoil out, my daughters shot 300wm when they were 10 & 12, got the youngest a 300wsm for her HS graduation gift. So if you are looking to get a wife or kid hunting this is a gun that will do anything they want and not kick the heck out of them. Plus if they don't like hunting you get to keep the gun.
  9. azslim


    this is good glass if you have kids or take people out that don't have glass to use
  10. azslim

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    the glass and antifreeze comments are bullshit, those methods kill far more pets than they do what you are actually after, would you like to watch your friend die slowly in agony or explain to the little girl next door why you killed her cat. Build a better chicken coop, we even had to trench around the walls and fill in with big rocks to keep things out of the coop in Wy.
  11. azslim

    Cornmeal black powder filler

    to keep the powder from spreading out in the case, more consistent ignition
  12. azslim

    Stew Recipes

    make a Chile Verde with a batch, dice up and put in crockpot, add the juice from 1 lg can of whole green chiles, some chili powder and cumin, dice up the chiles into big chunks and 1/2 of an onion, cook until the chiles and onions break down, then I make a little flour and water rue and add in to thicken the sauce up, great rolled in a tort or with a tort on the side.
  13. azslim

    Elk hide tanning advice

    Rocky Mtn Dubbing in Lander Wy tans hides. I did a couple with a kit from Tandy Leather, a lion and an elk, came out ok, soaked the elk for many days in salt water and made the hair slip so it came out similar to buckskin.
  14. azslim

    License Convenience Fee

    buy it online and print at home
  15. azslim

    10 or 12 power ?

    you'll notice too much coffee trying to hold 12's steady. I personally like 8's around my neck and mount my 15's on a tripod