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  1. azslim

    Browning BAR in 300 WSM price guesstimate

    ran $800 - 900 new, have a couple, really like them, combo of BOSS & semi action take most of recoil out, my daughters shot 300wm when they were 10 & 12, got the youngest a 300wsm for her HS graduation gift. So if you are looking to get a wife or kid hunting this is a gun that will do anything they want and not kick the heck out of them. Plus if they don't like hunting you get to keep the gun.
  2. azslim


    this is good glass if you have kids or take people out that don't have glass to use
  3. azslim

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    the glass and antifreeze comments are bullshit, those methods kill far more pets than they do what you are actually after, would you like to watch your friend die slowly in agony or explain to the little girl next door why you killed her cat. Build a better chicken coop, we even had to trench around the walls and fill in with big rocks to keep things out of the coop in Wy.
  4. azslim

    Cornmeal black powder filler

    to keep the powder from spreading out in the case, more consistent ignition
  5. azslim

    Stew Recipes

    make a Chile Verde with a batch, dice up and put in crockpot, add the juice from 1 lg can of whole green chiles, some chili powder and cumin, dice up the chiles into big chunks and 1/2 of an onion, cook until the chiles and onions break down, then I make a little flour and water rue and add in to thicken the sauce up, great rolled in a tort or with a tort on the side.
  6. azslim

    Elk hide tanning advice

    Rocky Mtn Dubbing in Lander Wy tans hides. I did a couple with a kit from Tandy Leather, a lion and an elk, came out ok, soaked the elk for many days in salt water and made the hair slip so it came out similar to buckskin.
  7. azslim

    License Convenience Fee

    buy it online and print at home
  8. azslim

    10 or 12 power ?

    you'll notice too much coffee trying to hold 12's steady. I personally like 8's around my neck and mount my 15's on a tripod
  9. azslim

    Muzzle break

    try Arizona Custom Rifle Assembly, Erik does good work. Have shot several rifles he put together. He has a Facebook page if you want to see some of his stuff.
  10. azslim

    Leupold Spotter

    I picked up their Santium 15x56 bino's and they are great, compared well with my Swaro's. They are my new backups and loaners when I take people out hunting that don't have gear.
  11. azslim

    anyone want to go fox hunting?

    yea they can be friendly little shits, they usually cuss me the first time they get a mouthful of spicy beef jerky, but always come back for more......
  12. azslim

    anyone want to go fox hunting?

    I like the little turds, have a few camps where they come visit me and I give them spicy beef jerky
  13. azslim

    Cabela’s changing CC to MasterCard from visa

    The Visa card now is serviced by World's Foremost Bank now. Not happy with being forced to switch, if the call center is outsourced I will look for a new card. Major reason I like my Cabela's Visa is when I call them a nice lady in Nebraska answered the phone and was fluent in English.
  14. azslim

    Attempting to help a new young hunter

    volunteer at a couple of the youth camps this fall, they can use glassers and pack mules and he will probably learn something
  15. azslim

    Backpack Trip Suggestions??

    West Clear Creek, go in on Maxwell Trail and fish down to Tramway, then turn around and fish back to Maxwell and walk out.