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  1. azslim

    Rid-A-Rat Pack Rat solution?

    they make LED lights you hook to battery that flash intermittantly, doesn't run battery down and keeps them out of engine compartment, I know a few guys that have done this so check at a parts store
  2. azslim

    Deer Liver

    Indians ate livers of fresh killed animals because of nutrients, after living on dried meat through the winter their bodies craved it. Too much good meat on an animal for me to eat it. I dice up the heart and cook it with corned beef, that's the extent of me eating innards
  3. azslim

    Deer Liver

    both Grandma's would flush out big vein, then soak in salt water brine for about 24 hrs, change water a time or two, then marinate in milk before frying in bacon grease with s & p & flour
  4. sitting a guzzler in 42 a few years ago waiting on a deer and pretty soon I had a covey running around me, under my chair, I figured a raptor was around. Then he swooped down and took a tweety bird off the water and the quail scattered while he was busy. I was just poof and a puff of feathers.
  5. azslim

    Best bipod

    I like my Harris, get the one that cants for uneven ground, beats fiddling with the legs
  6. azslim


    I wear 8's on my neck and keep 15's in my pack. Then when glassing I get off the 15's and use the 8's to look around close. Have picked up a lot of game that got overlooked with the big glass using that method.
  7. azslim

    PSA - AR Woman Survives 'Gunshot' Incident

    And no joke, the World Record Grizzly was held for a long time by an old Indian woman that shot it with a .22lr Cooey, this happened in Canada
  8. azslim

    Javelina Smoked Ham

    my Grandma's made venison ham, would use a syringe with long needle and inject brine alongside the bone so it cured from bone out, cover with cheesecloth and hang in the barn for a month or so. I regret not getting the brine recipes they used.
  9. azslim

    Arizona Unit 20b Youth hunt

    hunt in the off season with a camera, goal to be close up picture, practice your stalking skills all year long
  10. azslim

    Tasco 12X25 free99

    visit a youth camp and give them away, or leave them in your rig, if they get stolen not out big bucks
  11. azslim

    WTB Ground Blind

    just build one, make sure it has a good backdrop and build it a couple weeks before you plan on using it so they have a chance to get used to it. I use a 4'x12' piece of camo burlap I would string in front of mine, when you leave take it with you and all that is left is a half assed blind that needs work
  12. azslim

    Meat in the heat

    take them apart in the field, put in pillow cases for game bags and hump back to the rig, put in cooler with frozen water bottles
  13. azslim

    Meat grinder

    buy Bruce Aidell's Complete Sausage Book and put that thing to use. I use my little one like that all the time and make sausage from game, pork and chicken. Just follow the instructions, felt if I could rebuild a motor from a Chilton's Manual I could follow a recipe..
  14. azslim

    Browning BLR 30-06 Stainless

    spare mag is $65, at least it was 20 years ago when I bought one good gun, I put Warne detachable scope mounts on mine and left iron sights in place, so if horse falls and buggers up scope can still use the gun, even tho it's been years since I hunted horseback
  15. azslim


    scout early, scout often, find water and a vantage point to glass from, always best to have multiple spots to hit if someone beats you to plan A