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  1. Johnny cash

    270 Weatherby mag made in Germany

    Comes with two Weatherby stocks great condition 1,100 for both
  2. Johnny cash

    Weatherby Mark V made in w. Germany

  3. Selling my mark V Weatherby German made chambered in 270 Weatherby Mag. Great condition comes with “two” stocks original and like new darker color has Weatherby bases on action $1600 text 480467nine94
  4. Johnny cash

    Early Archery Deer Hunts

    Two separate hunts
  5. Johnny cash

    Early Archery Deer Hunts

    No don't change the dates just give the meat hunters the first part and give the trophy hunter the latter part of the original season dates
  6. Johnny cash

    Early Archery Deer Hunts

    A few years ago I started a thread about how I passed a buck who was potentially a hundred inches who wasn't done growing and I got creamed by all the so-called meat hunters (which i think is a cop out of people that can't harvest trophies because they can't keep their finger off the trigger which is understandable) I got the same response "I don't eat the antlers"and the meat taste the same to me.. crap ..but anywho like the person that started this thread I do take pride im packing out my game and taking care of the great tasting coues deer meat but I also take pride in the game of working hard to harvest a mature trophy buck I like the way they look and taste in my house.. here's my two cents and my solution is how about we give these "meat hunters" a week and a half to themselves to shoot em a nice young doe in August to get them out of the way of trophy hunters if they truly don't care for antlers and start the trophy hunt in September and give them a week and a half or so to go after fully developed deer so i dont have to cringe every year seeing the balled up sweet bucks takin early... anyways think about game and fish... Thanks
  7. Johnny cash

    Nice Coues buck pics

    your kidding right???
  8. Johnny cash

    Hunting in august...

    Have plenty of coues meat and I said it had a "ways to grow" not a few inches....just seeing if most people just sat in SEPT to avoid slow growers but i guess not... thanks for the info .. good luck to u all
  9. Johnny cash

    Hunting in august...

    Just thought i would see if anyone has done the same... Last aug i took a few days off work to hunt coues, But this year i will take my days off in sep. I ended up last year passing a good buck cuz i just couldnt help but notice he still had a ways to grow.. So here is my questions? has any one else run into that situation? And dose some deer grow faster than others depending on where they live, age, eat etc...?
  10. Johnny cash

    whats the score?

    111 4/8
  11. Johnny cash

    any suggestions

    +1 ..... I passed on a buck opening day for that same reason and told myself i wont be hunting again until the last 3 or 4 day of the hunt.
  12. Johnny cash

    My new spot hits paydirt

    cats got all the bucks
  13. Johnny cash

    2010 coues new pics

    Yes he sure did...
  14. Johnny cash

    2010 coues new pics

    I was very happy with the way Mark made my coues look. I thought I would share.... Marks southwestern taxidermy Studio gets two thumbs up!!