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  1. AZJR

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Special moments for Dad & daughter, memories that will endure a lifetime, you’re both blessed. Congratulations!
  2. AZJR

    Youth guns Cricket .22lr 20ga shotgun youth rifle stock

    PM sent about the BDL stock
  3. 22 inches, a few shorter that have a barbed top, the others just used straight and pounded in at an angle, the metal loops on my Springbar catch on the ridges and hold firm. The tent has been up in wicked winds with no issues. Sorry I didn’t reply to your question early I totally missed it.
  4. AZJR

    Which shooting rest/bipod??

    I have a Hatch Bipod and carry a small bean bag in pack for toe of buttstock. I practiced a lot with that set up prior to my sheep hunt, ended up making kill shot at 179 with rifle resting on foam seat pad over a rock rest, go figure.
  5. My family has camped in our Springbar tent in sandy terrain for years: Glamis, Dumont, Coral Pinks, Paunsaugunt, to name a few places. We went the 1/2” rebar route, works great as they really dig in. Putting something on the exposed stake is advisable, like said above, crashing and tripping on one in the dark is no fun.
  6. Once a person, regardless of age or residency, completes an AZ Hunter Education Course (emphasis on completes) they earn a permanent bonus point. That is their one and only such bonus point ever. This new online course does not add an additional point, it’s a vehicle to provide opportunity to an adult to earn the PBP without having to travel to AZ to take a course and complete it by participating in a field day. Anyone, resident or nonresident, can still come to AZ and take a hunter education course or complete our course online with a field day and earn the point for the nominal class fee. It is a convenience for adults and if a resident would rather pay $150 to get the bonus point than attend a class, that’s their choice. Remember, we do not require hunters 14 and older to take hunter Ed and a this new course is not going to satisfy a Hunter Education Requirement in another state, it’s simply for educational purposes and to facilitate an adult earning the PBP. For years the AZGFD has been able to glean data from surveys and from in-person attendees of the Nonresident Supplemental Class we have hosted and taught in Golden Valley, AZ at the Mohave Sportsmans Club. The vast majority of the participants were nonresident hunters. The financial commitment to attend for anyone outside reasonable driving distance was considerable with plane tickets, vehicle rental, and lodging. They spent far more than $300 and I will admit to a bit of surprise at that final price for the course, I had thought it to wind up being at least $500 for nonresidents. The course has been in the works conceptually for almost two years and a lot of serious thought and work went into its creation. Hopefully the Department will see a lot of sales and revenue from it. The question is will other states finally see the potential for the same for their game & fish departments? Just remember, there is NO 2nd bonus point for anyone, earn one and done. I am sure some folks will take this course then cry foul they thought they were getting “another bonus point”. The AZGFD has been very clear that is not the case, customers need to read and be aware that if they already have a bonus point, they will not get a 2nd point for completing this course. The course isn’t a gimme either. The student can not just blow through the content to a testing area and take a test. They can cover the material and then have two attempts to pass the final exam. If they aren’t successful, they are required to take the course again and pay the fee. Sorry for the lengthy explanation, just want to clear up the “we can get a 2nd bonus point” misconception. Jim Rich MV, AZ
  7. AZJR

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Best wishes for a grand experience to you both!
  8. AZJR

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    I am thankful for Point Guard. I drew a unit 8 archery bull tag for the 2021 season and contracted the COVID-19 virus and tested positive on Sept 5th. The hunt started on Sept 10, no way I could use my drawn, paid for and desired tag. I turned it in to a Region Ofiice by mail and received back a confirmation of receipt and a note confirming my bonus points were restored and a get well salutation. No idea what they did with my tag on such short notice? I believe my situation is exactly what Point Guard was created for and I support it. That there are folks finding ways to exploit the Point Guard System is not a surprise as finding any angle to increase draw odds or frequency is a long standing practice by most applicants.
  9. AZJR


    Also sent a PM with an I’ll Take it, providing “sebhunter” didn’t do the same; if so, 2nd in line. Jim Mohave Valley
  10. AZJR

    Wyoming Draw and Hunter safety card

    Print out her proof of completion of the AZ Online Hunter Education Course and have her carry it on her person while hunting in Wyoming. There are very limited opportunities for adults to complete Field Day activities at this time as all active hunter ed teams in the state that are conducting field days are working to move the 2200 backlogged youths through the system (by AZGFD mandate) before addressing the backlog of adults. If there are open slots in a Field Day event after they have been offered to backlogged youths, those spots can go to adults.
  11. Per teleconference, if Flagstaff sale doesn’t work out, I will take it. Jim Rich Mohave Valley
  12. Think there are any antlerless elk units you're not likely to draw with 5 Bonus Points as a resident?
  13. AZJR

    Nobody / anybody

    My Dad & daughter both had their portals list congratulations they were "Drawn" for Mid-Winter Pronghorn permits for Hunt # 2000. Only issue there is that hunt # is for a bonus point, so I guess the portal is now reporting a bonus point purchase as a congratulatory '"Drawn" I wonder how many other folks are thinking they were "drawn" but really only added a bonus point? Odd choice of reporting within the portal IMO.
  14. AZJR

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    I'm thinking the portals all have to be updated and spot on accurate before any draw results are released. It ANY portals show incomplete or inaccurate info (such as "no apps on file" or "no license purchase on record") those folks will stroke out and G&F will have a legitimate PR nightmare on their hands IMO. The draw itself is likely completed per usual, it's the info in the portals that are fuggly. It sounds like all of that portal info has to be hand entry input at this time. The roll over to the new portal must have flaws for many portal account holders. Mine and family members had important info incorrect that I had to manually update, likely thousands of others did too. It's a lot of work for the small staff in that department to tackle, all while under the burden of a deadline of mailed tags by April 2nd. I can't imagine the Dept not contacting applicants who have card declines, it's only fair to give them the opportunity to provide a working at the time card in light of the delay. Let's hope they are able to get it all ironed out by then.